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Hi, I'm a High School student from Washington, USA (now 17 years old). I've been robocoding for almost two years now.

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Greetings, fellow washingtonian! Cheers from the land of Coupeville, on Whidbey Island. --AaronKrill

Welcome and congrats with the melee-ranking of Logic! It's quite an entry for a first robot. You can request a flag for your package over here. B.t.w. what does "ninth grade student" mean in terms of age? --Loki

Thanks! If I was addicted to robocode earlier, you should see me now! I acutally requested for a flag for the "kc" package when I submitted my robot. Sorry for being unclear about "grade", I'm really 15 years old. --Kev

I wish Robocode was around when I was in High School, but that was in another century. --Martin Alan Pedersen

thanks for the explanation! I keep learning new things at this site, robocode related and not. --Loki

I have a problem with robocode causing robocode to freeze, making running long tests impossible:

Has this happened before? Do you have any suggestions? Your input would be greatly appreciated. -- Kev

That's very strange. Sorry, but I don't think i've seen that happen before. --wcsv

Does your computer have more than one CPU? -- Martin

It has only one CPU, but its duel core. If this helps, it is specifically a "pentium D processor 820 with duel core technology" (2.80 GHz, 800 FSB). -- Kev

Try this: Launch Robocode. Bring up Windows Task Manager (crtl+alt_del) and click on the Processes tab. Right-click 'cmd.exe' or 'java.exe' and see if it gives you the option 'Set Affinity...'. If it does, you've got 2 cpu's, and you need to set the Robocode related stuff to use only one. I set cmd and java to use cpu 0 for one, and I run another instance (from another drive) set to cpu 1. I have to set all 4 processes every time I set it up. There are ways around this, but I don't know them and don't want to invest further research into it. -- Martin .. Edit: Just to clarify, I'm describing how I set up the Roborumble .. I usually don't bother with it for the Robocode client since it is seldom a problem. -- Martin

That is indeed the case, robocode works no problem now. Thank you a whole lot!!! -- Kev

Another possibility is to use Kawigi's version of v1.0.7, he solved the hyperthreading bug there. You can find the link and a description of the changes (also improved editor) on OpenSourceRobocode/Contributions. -- GrubbmGait

After PEZ blocked the recent vandalism attack, my computer, ID = 5989, can't edit pages (I'm sneaking on a school computer to post this). Could PEZ undo this please? -- Kev

Entirely sorry about that dude. I guess I must have blocked the wrong IP. Do you know what IP range you're using? -- PEZ

No problem, the IP address is 24-19-160-72. -- Kev

I can't find that IP in the block list. Maybe it's one of the name blocks. What's your provider's name? -- PEZ

Bizarre... I can edit pages now! Whatever the cause, there's no need to worry about it any more. -- Kev

I removed a block on comcast.net. Maybe that's your provider? -- PEZ

It is, thanks PEZ! -- Kev

Is anyone interested in (yet another) challenge? I was thinking a melee movement challenge similar to the RRGunChallenge would be very interesting. Entrants would hook their movement to a melee gun (maybe Coriantumr's or even HawkOnFire's) and then enter it in the rumble. Melee movement is much harder to evaluate than one-on-one movement, so the challenge could be useful in making sure you movement is up to par. -- Kev

Sounds like a really good idea. I've wondered about doing this for 1v1, too, actually. I know HawkOnFire is just HOT, plus whatever logic for choosing a target and bullet power. Why don't you go ahead and get the page and everything setup? =) -- Voidious

Indeed an interesting idea. I don't know if it is as transparant though as the RRGC, because the coupling between movement and gunnery in melee is a lot tighter (e.g. current enemy to target can also be of influence in movement). But there is only one way of finding out: starting the challenge! -- GrubbmGait

Done! See the rough version of the MRMovementChallenge. -- Kev

Hey Kev, you're from Washington? So am I. What city do you hail from? -- Krillr

I'm from Sammamish (right next to Issaquah, not far from Seattle). I actually visited Coupville a couple of weeks ago while camping at Whidbey. You have very nice island there :). -- Kev

Its not bad to visit, but unfortunately living here is an absolute bore. Especially when you're used to the up-beat life of Seattle. I moved here from Seattle 3 years ago. -- Krillr

Was is your intention to remove MaxRisk while adding Thorn? It still is the best rammer in the rumble.
You are really starting to dominate bytheway: nr1 in nano, micro and TwinDuel, top-5 in mini and melee, and top-20 in OneOnOne. Maybe a sort of 'domination-ranking' (thanx for that name Martin) should be made, where all 10 results (4 OneOneOne?, 4 Melee, TwinDuel, Teams) are listed and totally ranked. -- GrubbmGait

Yep, I did mean to take MaxRisk out of the rumble. It's old and leaving it in is not really doing any bot favours :). I guess a 'domination-ranking' would be cool, but you're the only robocoder I can think of with entrants in all competitions GrubbmGait. I can't really see how the system would work... -- Kev

You're right, there are not much robocoders with entries in more than 5 classes, and besides, there is already something like TheBestBot. My idea was just to count the dominationpercentages (first meaning 100, last or no contribution meaning 0) and the one with the highest total would be the Dominator or Dictator. -- GrubbmGait

Two totally separate comments coming here... First, anybody with a NanoBot automatically has a bot in every division for this type of ranking, and if it was just an average of domination percentage, there really might be some surprises in who ranks highest. If somebody had no entry in a division, they could just get 0, and still have a chance at the highest overall domination. Doesn't Kawigi have at least one bot in every division, too?

Next comment: Kev, what are you working on now? You've got the NanoBot and MicroBot thrones... You going for the MiniBot title? Getting WaveSerpent in the top 10 in 1v1, or top spot in melee? Or are you going to finally try to reclaim the TwinDuel title? (LuminariousDuo has been getting most of my attention lately...)

-- Voidious

You're right, Kawigi has entrants in all devisions of the rumble too. I think he would be the clear winner of a domination-ranking contest, but it might still be interesting to look into. Right now, I'm developing a pretty cool PatternMatching gun with a lot of new ideas. It's already getting around 84 on the TargetingChallenge2K6/FastLearning, and I haven't even started working with MultipleChoice yet. This might turn into a melee gun good enough to get WaveSerpent into contention for the top melee spot.

Besides that, I have tons of other things I wand to do, like try to get Vyper up to The2000Club/Mini, re-writing WaveSerpent's movement, and improving GeminiTeam... I just don't know what order I'll do it in :). -- Kev

Hey Kev i was just wondering how the plugin your making for Yoda's beta-testing stage is comming along or if you needed any infomation, my project is due on June 1st, so i need what ever you've made a bit before then, you dont have to get very advanced with it, i mainly need feedback about the plugin-system. Thanks -- Gorded

Yay! Kev is back! You've missed some action on your hiatus, there, Kev. -- Simonton

Hi Kev, welcome back :) Your new WaveSerpent is really slow and it consumes a lot of Memory! --Krabb

Good to see ya back, Kev. =) -- Voidious

Quick Simonton, we have to take the MicroRumble? before he notices ;-). -- Skilgannon

Thanks guys, it's great to be back! Good luck with your, erm, secret takeover Simonton and Skilgannon (although I'll try not to make it easy for you :). -- Kev

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