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Welcome to the RambotChallenge2K6. It's an attempt at measuring ramming performance. The rules are simple.

Note that at least 15% of the damage must come from ramming, otherwise the bot is not qualified as rambot.

Please post your bots' results on the /Results page. RoboLeague can ease running this challenge.

The Referencebots and an RoboLeague xml file can be obtained here: http://home.versatel.nl/gheijenk/robocode/things/RC_Reference.zip

Results chatting is best carried out on the /ResultsChat page.

If you're curious about how we arrived at this bot set and the rules, check out the /PreChat page for the discussion.

Would you guys consider adding an AntiGravity Bot to the list of references? I'm just curious wether they'd be pinned against the wall or escape the Rammers :-) -- Dummy

Anti-gravity works well against some, but others (notably GrubbmThree) will corall their opponent into a corner and pin them there. The best combination I came up with (given the tools I'd already created) was tangental oscillation (e.g. SnippetBot) with low anti-gravity fields from walls and the opponent's robot. The 'tango' movement throws off targeting and also gives rammers the slip (often) even when already collided with. -- Martin

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