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Robocode isn't all that suited to try your bot against more than just a few enemies. But it features an API that makes it possible to add that kind of functionality through other programs. Roboleague, by [Christian Schnell]? is the major one: http://user.cs.tu-berlin.de/~lulli/roboleague/

Amongst many other things it allows you to set up leagues of a manual selection of robots. Or the "latest release" of a collection. Or just all robots in a repository. It can transform the result into clean and clear HTML reports.

Problem: When I restart Roboleague it rebuilds the robotchache. -- PEZ

Hrm, I haven't had to edit DT 1.91's file in several weeks. Tron's in several days (since I use it for normal testing sometimes). -- Kuuran

And have you restarted roboleague or not? Here restarting roboleague means wiping the robotcache. -- PEZ

I only start it when I need to run a test, then shut it off as soon as it's done. What version are you using? -- Kuuran

Eh, probably the latest. I'm quite new to Robocode after all. Neither Robocode nore Roboleague have been updated since I started (for all I know). I wonder what could make this happen... -- PEZ

Simple question, can i alter the code for my robot between seasons in roboleague, or does roboleague cache all the robots in the league and use the original files?? --Brainfade

You can alter the code for your bot between battles even. You can confirm this easily by using System.out.println() and writing out a code version indication. Then when Roboleague is running battles, choose "Show Robocode" from the "Settings" menu and click open your bots diagnostics window. -- PEZ

Hmmmm, strange. I was making some fairly substantial changes to my bot between seasons and they seemed to be changing my results very little. Gun still doesnt work properly... :( -- Brainfade

Are you packaging your bot for the actual tournament? If you're just using the unpackaged version, it should change as you go. -- Kawigi

If you just changed your gun maybe the competetion got the advantage of haveing learnt your movement in the previous season(s). If your using Roboleague to track your bots improvement you probably should stop roboleage, touch all robot jart files and start roboleage again between seasons where you have altered your code. And you should also wipe any data directory of your dvelopment version as well. -- PEZ

For some reason in the first round of any pairing in roboleague causes my bot to skip loads of turns and time out. This doesnt happen when i just run my bot in robocode. anyone any ideas?? -- Brainfade

Can anyone tell me how to disable the Robocode security manager? RoboLeague seems to have problems with my bot when I try to use data saving and loading, but regular Robocode doesn't. It would be helpful to just be able to disable the security for my own testing. Thanks. -- Voidious

You should add user.cmdline=-Dsun.io.useCanonCaches\=false to launcher.properties. -- Florent

Ah, that's gotta be it, I didn't even know about that setting. I've been using that argument to 'java' when I call roboleague.jar. Thanks a ton, Florent! -- Voidious

I have hacked in some support to get RoboLeague to vary parameters for my bots and run them so I can find their optimal values. Also, another hack kinda like the /ScoreAverageAddOn except in the code itself, and it averages all the groupings, too. Would these be helpful for anyone else? Is it even legal for me to distribute it? If so, how should I share it? -- Simonton

I'm not sure what license the RoboLeague source is released under, but I think it's OK for you to distribute it. If you have web space, you could just upload it and link to it from the wiki; if you don't, you could e-mail it to me (see ContactInfo) and I could post it, or maybe send it to PEZ and he could host it on the wiki. Anyway, I'd definitely be interested in a parameter tuning add-on for RoboLeague, and I think others would be, too! I'll try and double check about the license for modifying it, too. -- Voidious

Ok - my hacks are now in my site, linked: Simonton/RoboleagueScripting, Simonton/RoboleagueSeasonAverages -- Simonton

Ok, whenever I try to set the file repository, I get an exception. When I go to help index, exception. New directory, exception. Access internet repository, exception. Mostly nullpointer exceptions. I suspect it's something with the GUI...but am I doing something wrong?? --Starrynte

Anyone willing to upload the zip for their version of RoboLeague? Still have that gui problem...so I cant set the file repository D:--Starrynte

Is there a way to use this via only the commandline with no X11 or Windowing environment? --Chase-san

Does anyone have a zip file for a working version of RoboLeague (for Windows) mine STILL has an exception problem...= i can't do anything --Starrynte

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