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Creator of NanoSatan, Muffin and Apoptygma.

NanoSatan and Muffin are my competitive bots, Apoptygma is just me feeling I had to prove I could make it. Consider it the next great useless experiment.

I've also written spinny, a femto for kawigi's challenge, which isn't really deserving of a wiki page.

Muffin is now the top Canadian bot in every division micro and up. That's a sad state of affairs for the leaf, so I may look at mini development some time soon. Until then, I think I'll let Muffin sit for a bit and look back to doing something with reincorporating the two NanoSatan lines and reducing Spinny's codesize. Once that's done hopefully I'll have figured out how to rework Muffin for the final run on GlowBlow and Smoke, if not, I'll most likely go mini. -- Kuuran

Hi, welcome to the wiki! :-) -- Tango

Thanks :)

Just added a link from the Members page :-) Albert

Ah, should've done that earlier, thanks Albert :)

Arg... I'm sort of back. I've been without a computer for a long time, and I don't have any of my bots any more. The computer with all my robocoding on it died and has resisted my attempts to resurect it. Hopefully I can get it moving again by the end of summer, particularly since I had completed a robot I thought could blow the nanos all away, right as the whole thing fried (it was like something out of a black comedy). I've now managed to semi-appropriate another computer in the house, and other things that I shifted my attention to are out of the way.

Hopefully I can be doing something meaningful soon, but don't count on it. -- Kuuran

Great! welcome back! --Vic

Check this out: [http://collegehumor.com/?movie_id=59898] (warning: site contains some inappropriate advertising, but the video itself is all-ages)

Some of these guys almost literally fly, they make Olympic tumblers look bad.

Welcome back dude! Was starting to worry you had abandoned the noble RC game. Please edit your wiki preferences. -- PEZ

Thanks and done. -- Kuuran

Well, I did it again (disappeared and sort of came back). I just can't focus on Robocode for long stretches. I wrote a number of new bots, and I managed to do some interesting things (waves without an extra class are working nicely, as is a nano-sized flattener + adapter) but I find myself fighting against codesize. For example the nano-size flattener/adapter is a nice theoretical thing, but in practice some parts of theory need to be trodden on with special cases, and I can't fit a smarter version of it in a nano.

I think right now I'm going to write a bot without regard to codesize and release it in whatever class it ends up in (even if it's at a weight like 900 bytes or somewhere else where it's a midget for it's class). To push myself to complete it I'm giving a due date of Tuesday, July 5th, 2005 at 11:00 pm EST.

Hopefully it won't suck too much. -- Kuuran

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