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I am a french engineering student in telecommunication, I am finishing my degree in Christchurch (NZ). For one of my classes I had to do OO project, I chose to do a robot and FloatingTadpole was born.

I am currently working on Toad a wave surfer with precise prediction this time.

Nice job on your XMen team! It's nice to see the team space getting some attention. I plan to get a team of my own going in the near-ish future, as well. (I have done some work already, but my team is very, very bad at the moment.) Maybe you'll be at #1 by the time I get it posted... =) -- Voidious

Thanks :) . But I doubt I'll be number one so soon (if i am ever number 1), Aleph is pretty strong. I just added basic team strategy to my subtop melee bot X2. -- Florent

Whoaw, your team really is strong. My first attempt to a 'GriezelGroup?' ended up a bit worse than my nanoteam GrofGroup. A team clearly is more than just putting five meleebots together. -- GrubbmGait

In order to make X2 a team, I added gravity point to the team mate and their bullets. My experience was that fixed strengh for the team mates is far better than the strengh computed using their energy (that what I do for the enemies). The gravity points for their bullets push X2 sideway to get out of the line of fire, this only works if they are far enough from one another. Another point was sharing the scans, this way X2 get a scan evry 2 or 3 ticks in average which is significantly more than in melee. Finaly I avoid to select my own team mates whenI choose my target ;-) -- Florent

really nice team, I hope you will continue to work on it... I'm still waiting for someone to enter a team with a good strategy to outrank those "just put together 5 good melee bots" like my teams. I'm not sure but I think that I removed nearly all team strategy for the Alephs version 0.34 (appart from position updates and higher gravity factors for teammates). -- rozu

I have a few things planned for the team, I think the next things I will try is selecting 1 or 2 targets for the team. The second thing I will try is switching target if a teammate is to close to me and the line of fire. I think there is a few points to be found in the normal melee behaviour.-- Florent

Those are all great ideas, very nice to see someone exploring teams strategy. ShadowTeam is also just 5 Shadows with modified gravity points for teammates, no communication involved. Maybe I'll try sharing scanner data one of these days, should improve the gun's performance a fair bit. -- ABC

Selecting 1 or 2 target does not seem to work for me at the moment. About sharing scanner data, not only it would improve your gun's performance but it would also let your bot see someone out its radar range, this way you can shoot him but he cant see you :). It also mean you wont be sitting dead in the water because all your enemies ar too far away, this seems to happen to GlowingHawks -- Florent

Hey dude, you think you could send me an e-mail on pezius@gmail.com? -- ~~~~

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