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list of my bots:
Aleph MegaBot OneOnOne, Melee, Team
Apollon MiniBot OneOnOne
Artist MicroBot OneOnOne
GlowBlow MicroBot OneOnOne
GlowBlowAPM MiniBot OneOnOne
GlowBlowMelee MiniBot Melee
GlowingHawks MiniBot Team
HawkOnFire MicroBot Melee
HOFSwarm MicroBot Team
SmallDevil NanoBot OneOnOne

There will be more...

One of the best Robocoders out there. Maker of the impressive SmallDevil (nano) and the GlowBlow family. All high ranking bots. -- PEZ

He is also Marshmallow's personal prophet, and predicts within a couple places where each version of several of PEZ's robots will place in the EternalRumble. It's almost eerie how he does this, and the furthest off I've seen him is when he predicted Mako to reach 15th and he came in 18th. -- Kawigi

Though the very version of Mako that got that prediction is now on place 16. -- PEZ

I read that your bots use PatternMatching guns. Since they are ranked pretty high i figure your gun is pretty good. Would you consider an entry in the PatternMatcherChallenge? --Vic

It's awesome that you completed the challenge within a day! That means that your PM gun was probably already quite perfect. Did you have to do anything special to get the high score that you did? Also, could you upload GlowBlowPMC to the repository? -- Vic

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