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I am a 17 year old robocode from Canada, I got into Robocode because of a project early this year where we had to create a robot to enter into an in school rumble. Ever since i have been exploring more advanced things to put into a robot. Now our class has to do a final project of our choice. My idea was to create a dynamic pluggable robot that could use a fun or movement without actually having a reference to the class in its code. Yoda is this project, which is almost complete except for a few bug fixes and segmenting both the WaveSurfing and GuessFactor plugins. A few requirements for this project is that i must have people beta test it. Which means that i need programmers to create a 1 of three possible plugins for this system. A gun for the GunArray? Plugin, movement for the MovementArray? Plugin or plugin. Not to worry when i enter Yoda into the RoboRumble i will not make use of your creations. But i will release code for the plugin system so that it can be used with any other robot.

Any one interested in helping out by beta testing the plugin system please e-mail me at Gorded@hotmail.com

Below is a headOn targeting gun for the GunArray?

 package rc.yoda.plugin.guns;

 import robocode.*;
 import rc.yoda.utils.Gun;

 public class HeadOn? extends Gun
	public HeadOn?(AdvancedRobot robot) {

The plugin you create does not need to be very complex its just needs to work feed back on your experience with creating the plugin would be appreciated but not necessary

Welcome to the wiki! Sounds like you're off to a good start already, I look forward to seeing your bots in the RoboRumble. Feel free to post any questions you have, and if you're interested, there's quite a few OpenSource bots to study (listed on that page). Good luck with Yoda - I hope he's not destined to take down Dookious like his namesake =) -- Voidious

Welcome! Next to robocode we are also interested in all kind of things like . . . euh . . things related to robocode etc., so just feed us some info. It seems you have the potential to reach The2000Club with Yoda and if so, I will be the first one to welcome you there (read: wait with it until I get there first) ;-) -- GrubbmGait

Thank you for Wonderful welcome, i think im going to set my hope just a little lower for Yoda's first release -Gorded

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