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I'm a new Robocode addict from Venezuela, and this is how I got hooked up.

Like two months ago in my Intelligent Agents class, we had an assignment of coding a robot in the Robocode API. I did some movement based on how Walls beat all the sample bots, and then an ugly, iterative, hand written linear targeting to beat Walls (which surprisingly worked for SpinBot too). And I felt it was good enough since it could beat all sample bots on 1v1 and Melee, most of the times.

Then I thought I would look for some bots on the net to test mine against them, I expected to be beaten but have a nice fight. I downloaded Waylander, Stormrider and Dookious among others, when the battle started I was so amazed how they dodge every bullet I fired, and the massacre that I got in. After that I decided I had to learn some stuff, so I went to the page I found them (the new wiki). Read something about StopAndGo and PatternMatching, and got excited about the new possibilities. I started searching for Robocode tutorials and found this page, started reading and got completely hooked up.

College is not asking me to write anything in the Robocode API anymore, but I may be doing more work here than in my actual classes. I have gone trough most of the tutorials, implemented a lot of different movements, targeting and radar locking strategies. Have a couple of robots in the RoboRumble and hope to keep working in this for many years, one of the best "games" I've seen in a long time.

I would like to take this moment to thank PEZ, for starting the wiki that hooked me and all the knowledge he has shared. Kawigi and Voidious for the very neat tutorials on GuessFactorTargeting and WaveSurfing that made me realize just how off I was on my own. Although my code is completely different because I like writing my own code, my first attempts to both of those strategies, where just transcriptions of the tutorials. ABC, David Alves, Paul Evans, GrubbmGait, and every one in the wiki for the amazing things they have invented, upgraded and most of all, explained :-).

Bots I've released
Newton: A mega bot which contain almost all completely debugged algorithms I have written.
Ant: To have fun reducing codesize, there is a nano and a micro version of it.

Bots in my mind
AssassinsCreed?: A team of bots.

Greetings! Welcome to the Robowiki Zyx! Feel free to ask any question you might have! Btw, Newton seems pretty strong, care to tell us about it or Ant. Best wishes in your robocoding adventures! --Rednaxela

Thanks Rednaxela, I was just writing my "story" when you posted, I will expand Newton and Ant in a couple of minutes. -- Zyx

Wow, how did you find Stormrider? It's been out of action for ages.... If you want a version that is slightly newer, and much stronger, take a look at DrussGT, it's download link is on the RoboRumble/Participants page. Anyways, welcome to the wiki, and good luck with your coding =) If you have any questions feel free to ask. -- Skilgannon

Hehehe Stormrider was on the new wiki in the Bots section, and it said it was very competitive so I downloaded it. I was really new to everything at the moment, now I'm more settled, I'm running RoboRumble so I have DrussGT, BTW congrats man, it seems to be very comfortable at the top place :). Thanks for the help and for killing my bot so I'd be interested in learning more. -- zyx

(Oh he may be comfortable at the top for now, but I'm determined to topple DrussGT eventually... Can't have it's reign last as long as Dookious's did... :) --Rednaxela)

Sounds like a neat goal, good luck at it :-). -- zyx

Hope you don't mind, but I copied the conversation as it was to the new wiki. I created my page here because it seemed more active, and it had the RoboRumble/Participants page. But I guess the goal is to have things migrated to the new wiki page instead of adding new stuf in this one. I won't be migrating anymore chatting, so if a conversations starts here it will continue here. And I will of course check both sites, since I'm still unsure what the trends are. -- zyx

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