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I may update this site but i don'thave the time to do this. Not really nice,i know

Now that i can say full of pride, that i managed to jump into tht top10 i looked back and remembered how i started robocoding. My first primitive bots that got slaughter even by the samples. Then i found linear and circulat targeting and i took one step after the other. And here for all the people that just started robocoding like i did some time ago i have a link for you: http://www.eternal-rumble.com/results.jsp . There you can see bot from my very first time of robocode. Dont try to search bots starting with cf. at the top :D (i am sorry that the eternal rumble was not really eternal. would be nice to see better cf. bots there, but anyway) . Continue trying and you will get better and better...

And of cause i have to say a BIG, BIG, thank you to all the people that helped me on this way.


Here you can see my bots:

Advanved Bots:

My first Robots:

mailto:deathconmail AT gmx D.O.T net --deathcon

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