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RiO was my first good allround bot.Now I have extracted my bot (so RiOx) and now it uses different operators instead just one in order of a better flexibility , changeability and readability.

Here are my operators I have allready written (others will follow):

   1)RiOxS OP   is my default 1v1 operator.
   2)RiOxM OP  is my default melee operator.
   3)[DisponserS OP]? a dodger with random movement
   4)[MirrorS OP]? mirrors the position of the enemy
   5)[RandomS OP]? random movement 
   6)[RedRoseS OP]? this operator attacks its opponets 

Both operators use what i call a dual-movement:

first movement phase:
Each working period my bot calculates the best position of our field (criteries are: distance to next bot,distance to next wall and the distance to that point that is nearest to all bots in that battlefiels).If the position that we are staying on is just little less worse we don't move which means that the bot is able to do its...

secound movement phase:
The secound movement mode is different between 1v1 and melee mode. In 1v1 battles secound movement mode is dodging bullets and in melee battles we move randomly to positions near to our current positio.

In melee battles I use my calculating gun that aims with circular or linear calculation depending on the way our victim moves, and for 1v1 battles I wrote a pattern-matching gun.

I hope you could understand my explenations, but my English isn't that well.


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