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My home page!

I'm primarily a Nano-bot author, though I wrote Monarch for the rumble and it came in 9th in the beginner class. Sweet. My current crop of robots are Infinity and UltimateDeathToNanoBots (at the time it was really good - the first to integrate a good dodge, random aim, and energy management into one bot, though now it's average at best.) Wasp is my only MicroBots entrant - and a poor one at that. Anyways, expect some new Infinity updates before too long :)

Next Blog: ;)

New bots to my credit are Moebius 2.0 (Current 1v1 NanoBots champion at little league competiton), Infinity 2.1 (current Melee NanoBots champion in little league), and DustBunny 2.0 (A nano anti-grav bot that does well against larger bots.) Mega bot plans are scrapped for now, though I may return later if work allows ;)


I'm trying to make it as difficult as possible to beat top-5 bots here... Haven't heard from you for awhile, what's up with Steel? -- Kawigi

Work work work :) Mike

Hey man, just thought you might like to hear that DustBunny was a critical bump in the road for the development of Dookious a couple months ago ;) Dookious 0.4 details ... DustBunny beat Dookious 0.4 worse than Ascendant! -- Voidious

Lol - It's funny how well Nanos can do in certain cases. Thanks for the props!

Rediscovered my old robocode. Looking at revising some stuff tonight if I can get it all to run again. --Miked0801

OMG no way! Dustbunny is what got me really into Robocode. --Chase-san

Welcome back =) -- Voidious

Thanks all. I can't believe the little ol' Dustbunny has garnered so much popularity. It was more a personal challenge than an attempt to compete. The Anti-grav code I had in place just took too much space at first. The funny thing is, I found it could beat the big bots quite often. Nothing like watching a 1 page of code bot destroy a java library bot :P

I'm still the most proud of Mobeius. It's still in the top 5-10 in its catagory after all these years. I'll have to look at what others are doing now and see if I can tweak a new version into existance. It's good to see that Nanos are still open source - as they should be. It's just as fun to look at the source for inspiration and ideas as it is to watch them fight. If I can sneak a few hours tonight from my family, I'll see what I can do. --Miked0801

Nano's are hard to make for me personally, never been very good at squashing my code down, I like it readable. --Chase-san

I make video games on Handheld Systems for a living (DS right now.) Every line of code I write has to be squashed to work on the limited systems. It comes naturally for me :) --Miked0801

Welcome back! =) --David Alves

Wait a minute... wasn't Tide the project that wrote Pear? Just pointing out that if you use that as a bot name, you can't make a page for it. ;) -- AaronR

I'll rename him to something that befits his ramming mentality then. He's just an experiment at the moment. Locally, my next version is quite a bit improved and still has 50 bytes to work with. Doubt I'll get him top ten though because Ram bots don't beat people 5 to 1 very often due to close range.

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