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Fractal version 0.32 with graphing utility now available!

Fractal is my new MegaBot I've been working on. It's a robot that graphs movement data using RobocodeGLV014 as it fights, and also comes with a graphing utility to show movement data in full detail.

Here's my attempt at a semi-cool graphic for it: (can't really compare to PhoeniX or FloodHT, but here goes nothing...)

I suppose a graphic of it getting hit isn't an intimidating way to introduce it, but, meh.

Download it here: http://www.robocoderepository.com/BotDetail.jsp?id=1579

-- Vuen




Questions and comments welcome!

I think random colors each round would be appropriate for a bot named "Fractal" :-) --David Alves

Well, as good an idea as that is, it's not very unique; bots like Chameleon already randomize their colors. I need to find a good color scheme for it... -- Vuen

Just for the record, Marshmallow has been randomizing its colors since long before Chameleon showed up. Though a bit more subtle, a bit more subtle. =) -- PEZ

How should that movement graph be interpreted? -- PEZ

An explanation of the movement graph should now be available in both the /Grapher and /Movement pages. -- Vuen

New version, with colors! Well, more like, color. One color. Very bland. Lemme know what you think... -- Vuen

Good work with 0.32. Often it's the small changes in strategy that makes a difference. Rocket science doesn't always hurt, but doesn't always pay either. You earned 30 points relatively cheap this time. That's great, because you need the cheap points too. =) -- PEZ

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