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Definition 1:A SampleBot that goes around the walls firing inwards at the enemy.

Definition 2:The boundaries of the Robocode battlefield. If your robot hits these he/she/it/whatever will stop, and if he/she/it/whatever is an AdvancedRobot he/she/it/whatever will take a small amount of damage upon running into them.

WALL AVOIDANCE METHODS: If you are a WaveSurfer try WallSmoothing to not bounce off the walls and you won't take as much damage. If you use AntiGravity(old but useful), try putting GravPoints? on and around the walls. If you are like Gaia was/is meant to be when finished(unique), try implementing AntiGravity or use your NN to avoid the walls.

You'd think this page would have something to do with the walls themselves. Hmm... -- Vuen

Lol. For a reason not to use Walls's movement, see WallsKiller. It would be funny to put that gun into FloodHT :-p (although not very useful). -- Kawigi

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