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RobocoderDan collects wiki bookmarks on his page. This gave me the idea that we could maybe try maintain a page pointing to other good wiki pages. A table like the following maybe? -- PEZ

Level key: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert

Page LevelDescription
VirtualBullets I/E Description and discussions about virtual bullets and Wave's
SandboxDT I/E Lots and lots of really interesting information. Much of it from one of the greatest robocoders out there. Don't miss the SandboxDT/MovementRiddles and SandboxDT/OldDiscussions pages.
MeleeStrategy B/I/E A very well written almost complete melee-bible, from beginners-info to tips even experts can use.
CassiusClay/Butterfly I/E A description of CassiusClay's flavour of WaveSurfing
Raiko B/I The description of the theory behind Raiko's movement at the end is one of the great discoveries in Robocode in the last 2 years.

Help update this page. Feel free to restructure it if you think you know a better format. -- PEZ

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