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The days of reign for the Knight of St George have been long and full of glory. Though the contenders are not at rest and the days of the big Challenge is coming closer. Sending its herald ahead a mighty bird-like creature is stirring from a long sleep. To the summons the Bishop of the west sends the Fallen Angel and the father of scary creatures sends the Swedish Leech. The two creatures are being forged into one. The being so created is yet another reincarnation of the mighty [Griffin] which has been heard of throughout history and woven in to the mythological treasure chest of mankind.
The story has just begun ...

Wha? When did Jim become a Bishop? And how is Jekyl an angle. If it's a "Fallen Angle", does that mean negative degrees? -- Kawigi

=) At least in Swedish Jekyl is one of the names we have on fallen angels. (It's "jškel" which translates to "devil"). I think it's negative in most senses, but if degrees measure heat I've heard they are not negative. =) And Jim has been a Bishop all the time. -- PEZ

Ah. I mostly asked about degrees being negative, because you wrote "Angle" instead of "Angel". -- Kawigi

I keep doing that. =) -- PEZ

The signs of too much Robocode... -- Vuen

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