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GrubbmOne is the first robot I made, a merge between SpinBot and TrackFire. It acted as a testbot for the MegaBot GrubbmGrb.

Great, I want to try it. Where can I download it?

 mini.GrubbmOne:  http://www.robocoderepository.com/BotDetail.jsp?id=2395
 micro.GrubbmOne: http://www.robocoderepository.com/BotDetail.jsp?id=2411

How competitive is it?

Not really important, although the micro version (0.3) beats the 1600 barrier.
The mini version stabelized at 1500+.
Its melee-performance is significantly better.

How does it move?

It is derived from SpinBot, so guess . . .

How does it fire?

Linear / circular targeting.

How does it dodge bullets?

Eeehh, just by circling around at high speed

How does the melee strategy differ from one-on-one strategy?

In one-on-one no regular radar-sweep (for micro no difference)

How does it select a target to attack/avoid in melee?

It avoids nothing, it selects the target on distance, gunangle and energy (micro only distance).

What does it save between rounds and matches?


Where did you get the name?

Taken from my nickname, it means something like 'dry ditch near a farm'.

Can I use your code?

It's in the jar.

What's next for your robot?

GrubbmOne has reached End of Development, this time for real.

Does it have any WhiteWhales?

Not anymore

What other robot(s) is it based on?

Basically on SpinBot and TrackFire.


20041103: v 0.9 RRGC -- as v 0.9 but with Raiko 0.41 movement by Jamougha.
Rank Mega:101 -- Rating:1695 -- PL: 92 (with 14 pairings missing)
Comment: Special for RR Gun Challenge, just to check how far behind I am on movement and gun.
found at: http://www.robocoderepository.com/BotDetail.jsp?id=2422

20050303: v 1.0 Mini -- FINAL VERSION. all known bugs solved.
Rank Mega:230 -- Rating:1527 -- PL:201 Rank MegaMelee?:64 -- Rating:1596
Rank Mini: 79 -- Rating:1630 -- PL: 72 Rank MiniMelee?:26 -- Rating:1652
Comment: Kept on the Rumble for sentimental reasons and its reasonable melee-performance.

20050301: v 0.11 Mini -- refactored CT-gun, introducing a bug when opponent is near wall.
Comment: Buggy version, just forget it ever existed.

20050107: v 0.10 Mini -- improved melee-performance, just ment for melee (RobocodeLittleLeague).
Rank MegaMelee?:63 -- Rating:1599
Rank MiniMelee?:22 -- Rating:1669
Comment: Only entered in MeleeRumble? competition.

20041026: v 0.9 Mini -- as v 0.8.1, tweaked bulletpower. End of development.
Rank Mega:225 -- Rating:1528 (down to 1509) -- PL:194
Rank Mini: 79 -- Rating:1588 (up to 1600) -- PL: 71
Comment: The best it can get with current gun and movement. Nr #11 in RobocodeLittleLeague melee.

20041024: v 0.8.3 Mini -- Use rolling average on velocity
Rank Mega:241 -- Rating:1494 -- PL:220
Rank Mini: 96 -- Rating:1557 -- PL: 82
Comment: Just collecting info

20041023: v 0.8.2 Mini -- Get back to movement and wall-avoidance of v 0.7
Rank Mega:237 -- Rating:1505 -- PL:205
Rank Mini: 84 -- Rating:1574 -- PL: 74
Comment: No difference with v 0.7 anymore, v 0.8.1 definitely takes the biscuit.

20041021: v 0.8.1 Mini -- Get back to movement of v 0.7
Rank Mega:226 -- Rating:1525 -- PL:195
Rank Mini: 78 -- Rating:1589 -- PL: 71
Comment: Back in business again, that 1600 is really teasing.

20041020: v 0.8 Mini -- Better wall-avoidance, movement a bit less predictive, some minor (codesize) tweaks.
Rank Mega:240 -- Rating:1498 -- PL:231
Rank Mini:100 -- Rating:1547 -- PL: 95
Comment: Lets just say tweaking is an art, and I am not an artist . . .

20041014: v 0.7 Mini -- Bulletpower tweak, corrected minor bug in gun.
Rank Mega:235 -- Rating:1505 -- PL:202
Rank Mini: 84 -- Rating:1575 -- PL: 74

20041011: v 0.6 Mini -- Added simple linear and circular targetting. Changed 'turnGun..' into 'setTurnGun..' in eventhandler.
Rank Mega:250 -- Rating:1460 -- PL:224
Rank Mini:102 -- Rating:1530 -- PL: 84

20040926: v 0.5 -- Bugsolving, mainly in 'wallmove' and (re)locking target.
Rank Mega:281 -- Rating:1295 -- PL:270
Rank Mini:130 -- Rating:1365 -- PL:124

20040910: v 0.1 -- Just merging SpinBot and TrackFire together.
Rank: not released

20061230: Also retired from meleerumble as I have far better micro's participating there. Its days as one-on-one bot were over a long time ago.
20050303: v 0.5 Micro -- FINAL VERSION. introduces 'not quite circular' movement.
Rank Mega:251 -- Rating:1485 -- PL:248 Rank MegaMelee?:67 -- Rating:1592
Rank Mini:112 -- Rating:1563 -- PL:105 Rank MiniMelee?:28 -- Rating:1643
Rank Micro:72 -- Rating:1585 -- PL: 72 Rank MicroMelee?:17 -- Rating:1670
Comment: Kept on the Rumble for sentimental reasons and its quite acceptable melee performance.

20050301: v 0.4 Micro -- refactored CT-gun introducing a bug with disabled opponents.
Comment: buggy version, forget it ever existed.

20041029: v 0.3 Micro -- ready for melee now (RobocodeLittleLeague) plus very small bulletpower adjustment.
Rank Mega:236 -- Rating:1507 -- PL:207 Rank MegaMelee?:81 -- Rating:1554
Rank Mini: 89 -- Rating:1568 -- PL: 82 Rank MiniMelee?:29 -- Rating:1626
Rank Micro:49 -- Rating:1608 -- PL: 45 Rank MicroMelee?:19 -- Rating:1655
Comment: see RobocodeLittleLeague that it reached #9 in melee.

20041026: v 0.2 Micro -- removed movement-masking, added victory-dance :-) End of development.
Rank Mega:237 -- Rating:1508 -- PL:216
Rank Mini: 88 -- Rating:1568 -- PL: 87
Rank Micro:50 -- Rating:1606 -- PL: 49
Comment: I breached the 1600-barrier !!! (ok, its a micro, but still)

20041016: v 0.1 Micro -- as 0.7 Mini, without melee-stuff, precise tracking, wall-avoidance and victory-dance :-( . Including some masking of circular behaviour.
Rank Mega:232 -- Rating:1510 -- PL:222
Rank Mini: 90 -- Rating:1560 -- PL: 87
Rank Micro:55 -- Rating:1580 -- PL: 55

Comments, questions, feedback:

I think I remove all the melee-stuff and try to fit it in micro. -- GrubbmGait

what's the difference between GrubbmOne and GrubbmOneMini?, apart from the different rating? They both seem to be mini's. --Loki

At this moment only the gun, HOT against LinearTargeting.
The next version of GrubbmOne will not be a mini anymore. While (still) developing it, I felt sorry that I would not have a mini participant anymore. Therefor I fitted the linear targeting gun into the old version 0.5, squeezed here and there and GrubbmOneMini? was born.
The next version of GrubbmOne(Mega) will be a structured design which can be extended with more than one movement / gun etc. I am afraid that it will not be ready for release this month.
Note that both versions are initially made for melee.
I can withdraw GrubbmOne for the time being until the next version is ready. I don't know what is common practice in such a matter. -- GrubbmGait

It's not a problem that both are minis, i just wandered about the differences. Its nice to see your bots climb the rankings, isn't it? --Loki

It's nice indeed, although they are slowly sinking again. -- GrubbmGait

This is normal... Sometimes we just have to make mistakes in order to get in the right path. Don't give up, Robocoding requires lots of brain, but much more guts... Obstination is the name of the path! -- Axe

I definitely will not give up! In november I will defeat the 1600 barrier and leave the kindergarten. -- GrubbmGait

Let me add that I was a bottom feeder for a while in the old RoboRumble. It took a lot of effort to jump to the middle of the pack then. Bots today are much better so you need to work that much harder. Do not give up though. It is a really great moment when you cross the devide and you see your bot jump a couple of hundred points. Keep it up! Don't hesitate to ask questions. -- jim

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