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I'm a 17-year-old Australian university student doing a software engineering degree. I discovered robocode when my Computer Science subject used it in a practical - the idea was that we had to write a bot that could beat SpinBot at least 60% of the time - it was a survivalist challenge. I decided to go one step further, and write a bot that could beat everybody else repeatedly, and rather well. The result was Perpy, a fairly simple bot using bog-standard techniques - but it can beat the sample bots fairly well.

Currently, I'd like to get Perpy's pattern-matching working properly - it's currently bugged. I'd also like to figure out why the radar occasionally gets some weird results on a first scan. I'd also like to get Perpy wavesurfing, rather then just moving around the enemy in a easy-to-predict movement style.

21 September - I believe I've fixed the major bug in the pattern matching gun. Now it's just a matter of getting the wavesurfing into it, and fixing that annoying radar bug. Yay!

27 September - I've fixed the radar bug - it was because I was storing the values of various getXXX() methods every tick in the run() method, and the onScannedRobot() event occurs after you move - so all my values were off. Fixing that has fixed the bug. I've also added basic wavesurfing. Yay!

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