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Info about me

Who I am? I am student of [Slovak university].

My contact info:

I introduced to robocode, because it is my bachelor work :-) I have to evolve robot by Evolutionary algorithm. So I started to have fun with it :-)

I write no usable robots by now, but want to change this in future. (As my project leader thinks ;)

Some links:

Some guy who knows HowToRunRobocodeInBatchMode. =) Welcome to the wiki! Feel like telling us a bit about yourself? Any bots, evolved or otherwise, from you on the way soon? -- Voidious

Any chance is [this] you? --Chase-san

Evolving a robot by evolutionary algorithm. Interesting. That would be a good way to change tuner variables (like desired distance, or pattern length in a PM gun) on a per-enemy bases. -- Simonton

Can you re-upload the AutomatingRobotsCompetition file, please? -- Anonymous User

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