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What it is

The RoboWiki is about everything Robocode related. The most important mission the wiki has is to make knowledge about Robocode in general and Robot creation in particular available to the public. It has also proven to be useful for collaboration in creating software like RoboRumble@Home.

What it isn't

Try anything and we will see if the wiki is that. =)


This is how it all started:
To: Robocode <Robocode@yahoogroups.com>
From: Peter Str=?ISO-8859-1?B?9g==?=mberg <pez@pezius.com>
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 17:42:55 +0100
Subject: [Robocode] A Robocode Wiki

Me and a friend have created a Robocode Wiki at:


It's for sharing information about Robocode stuff and for easy hosting of
home pages of those robots we create. So if you have a robot and no page for
it yet, please create a page for it on this wiki. Create the page even if
you have a page for it elsewhere. =)

For you who don't know what a wiki is: It's a collaborative site where
anyone can create and edit content, new pages and everything. Read more
about it on:


As you can see this was sent to the Robocode mailing list in January 20 this year (2003). The "friend" referred to here is Crippa. The wiki was for a few weeks only for Crippa and me, but we soon realized we should invite the full community. It was an immediate success. Mostly thanks to Albert and David Alves who started to share their expert knowledge in an incredibly generous way that quickly set the standard and has since been followed by the rest of us.

The lesson I think we can learn from the success of the RoboWiki is that you can come a very long way with simplicity and trust. The wiki is super-simple and the immediate reaction from many people to the wiki technology is that it's too "raw" and featureless. (I think Albert referred to the wiki as wierd, but cool in the beginning). Trust is about trusting that people will behave when given the freedom and power to alter everything on the site. Because they do. Not once in the wiki's compact history has anyone violated the only rule that the wiki states. Read about that rule on the ReadMe page. -- PEZ

Well, that's not true anymore. The wiki has lately been visited by a moron who vandals the wiki with obsceneties. And wiki-spam is a growing problem on many wikis these days. However, the problem is manageble at current. Help keep the wiki clean by removing any spam or obsceneties you find. -- PEZ

In May 2006 the spam problem has grown considerably. Hopefully it can be countered without affecting the accessability of the wiki. -- GrubbmGait

Just as a suggestion, it would be nice if you could put a "Edit this page" link on the top of the page, because if you want to edit a really long page you have to scroll all the way down, or press 'End' (which some people may not no about) --Starrynte

On the Changes page, why do some of the edits have (edit) next to them, and some of them don't? --Starrynte

In your prefs, you have selected to view Minor Edits. The ones with (edit) are minor edits. -- Nfwu

Hem, nevermind my big speech, I think the wiki is getting old and sooner or later, should probably be updated in some way (its a version from 2001, and its age is showing), --Chase-san

Where has everyone gone? There haven't been any changes to the new wiki for hours... and there was only one edit to this wiki yesterday... -- AaronR

HELP! HELP! We're getting attacked ferociously by spam!!! especially DynamicSegmentation?, Corbos, and Wcsv maybe those should be locked for editing or something --Starrynte

I guess it stopped...for today :) --Starrynte

HataMoto? was hit pretty hard....Voidious must have deleted it about 5 times....just yesterday. -- Skilgannon

Uhoh..now even the currentevents part of the new wiki is getting spammed... --Starrynte

Maketh the entire new wiki registered users only for editing. Atleast till its outta alpha mode. :) --Chase-san

What about just making Template:CurrentEventsShort semi-protected? It's [receiving almost all] of the spam. -- AaronR

I updated that page to block unregistered users. The current setup at the new wiki is anonymous edits with external links require captcha. Additional options are to make all edits require captcha or to require registration (which itself requires captcha) for any edits. I guess I'd rather never have any spam, so maybe we'll need to do one of those. -- Voidious

I say only registered users can edit anything. Why not? -- Simonton

I came up with a nice new theme for this robowiki, and other then some html error that mess it up on the edit and preview pages (I have fixed this in opera with userjs, though making a greasemonkey to fix the html would work aswell I suppose), here is my css file. http://www.csdgn.org/robo/robowiki.css I personally don't like the donation box(as every time I see it I feel bad in not being able to donate), so I personally blocked it out, but you may feel differently, so to show it change the line 'hr, form[action*="paypal"] {' to 'hr {'. The new look I use (you don't have to) takes a little getting used to, but otherwise makes the site feel more modern. --Chase-san

RoboWiki in my opinion seems to be a bit dull now...I guess I'm just waiting for someone to come up with a whole new idea ... or for me to even get my PM gun to work at all?! or maybe concentrate on migration? --Starrynte

I've got some movement algorithm stuff in the works. Not so much a strategy (e.g. wave surfing) as getting from position, heading, and velocity A to position, heading, and velocity B smoothly. I keep stumbling over some issues that boil down to odd things happening when you are driving in reverse or transitioning across 0.0 velocity. I've got that ironed out (again) today, with the exception of a twitchy turret issue at near 0.0 velocity. I plan to post nifty diagrams with pretty colors, but I'm not there yet.
However.. I agree that I haven't seen much in the way of new content, other than the GF and WS tutorials, that stands out in the past .. oh .. two years since I joined. -- Martin

I've come up with several new ideas, extensions of wavesurfing, but the CPU they would require makes them prohibitive :-( -- Skilgannon

Just so I don't forget them, here they are:

If anybody can think up a way to make these more CPU friendly, I'd be very interested ;-) -- Skilgannon

I've tried that second one once, a rough attempt only IIRC. I don't really remember if it payed off or not, I generally don't keep stuff that brings in more complexity than performance gains... :) -- ABC

I think that second one is an interesting one, and I think I was pondering something similar once though never tried it. As far as new ideas, I can always hope my Neural Pattern Matching idea won't flop. It'll be pretty CPU heavy, but should be light enough to be usable and probably have a codesize small enough that I may be able to put it in a mini or maybe even micro. Also have a little bit of an idea of how to enhance it's anti-oscillator abilities further based upon one research paper I read the other day. :) -- Rednaxela

From my experience with GoTo? surfing, a "rough attempt" doesn't do much good. Once you get a pixel-perfect implementation, then it starts paying off. But upon second thoughts, that second one would probably also be better with GoTo? surfing, because with True Surfing, that 'dodging around' because of the constant decision of whether to speed up or slow down makes it impossible to accurately predict what kind of attributes the enemy will be firing at, and thus where the dangerous place is on that wave. Goto surfing predicts right to the end point, and the prediction doesn't change, so it is possible to decide exactly what their segmentation is/will be. I think this could help a lot at close range, when there is only one wave in the air. -- Skilgannon

Just curious, is the migration to the new wiki done yet? --Starrynte

I don't think so, I've had almost no free time, and what I do have gets put into DrussGT. -- Skilgannon

Does anyone want to make a chat room for Robocoders? (i.e. at http://www.xat.com/web_gear/chat/creategroup.php) just because it's faster than posting messages on the wiki? --Starrynte

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