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It's plain awesome! So you can code and draw! Bet you can sing as well. =) -- PEZ

I'm also a gourmet chef and a marathon runnner! But seriously, that's not drawn by hand - it's done on the computer. I can't draw very well by hand. :-P --David Alves

I knew it! =) I can't draw. (Period). But I can cook food that gets guests to accept more invitations. =) -- PEZ

What's the code in the logo? Is it the standard normalRelativeAngle stuff? -- Alphax

It's part of NekoNinja 1.30 by DrLoco. DrLoco and I were friendly rivals in the MiniBotChallenge, and I think our competitition helped raise the bar for MiniBots, MicroBots, and NanoBots many times. In melee, my DuelistMiniMelee and DuelistMicroMelee both dramatically raised the bar for melee performance in minis and micros, while his Graviton and KomoriNinja? dominated nano melee. His Troodon was champion for months in both melee and team battles. My DuelistMicro was the first microbot to use virtual bullets, while his NekoNinja had one of the best movements ever seen in a bot of any size at that point. You get the idea. :-) </history> --David Alves

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