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The Best Scoring Bot

snipped from RoboRumble/RankingChat20070224:

Just because I was curious which bot was The best scoring bot against the most bots, (and because I need some Perl on my next assignment) I started with Perl and made a script that counts the number of times a bot is the best bot against any other bot. Example: I know GrubbmGrb is the best bot against fnc.bandit2002, you can check that. The outcome has no real surprises I think, but it can be interesting for the ones that like all sorts of rankings.

Now I have done a rerun of the script. Running it costs a whole 10 seconds, collecting the data more than 2 hours. You can find the results here:

[[results 7 feb 2006]]
[[results 6 mar 2007]]

the old comments:
#Rankings summary, updated 1139303839212 #Tue Feb 07 10:17:19 CET 2006

rankbest botname RR-ranking
188 mue.Ascendant_1.2.5 1
247 abc.tron3.Shadow_3.69k 4
345 pez.rumble.[CassiusClay 2gamma]? 2
433 pulsar.[PulsarMax 0]?.8.9 3
530 axeBots.[SilverSurfer 2]?.53.33 5
618 jam.[RaikoMX 0]?.32 6
716 florent.test.Toad_0.14t 9
812 voidious.Dookious_0.75b 11
910 davidalves.Phoenix_0.27 10
10 9 rz.Aleph_0.34 19
11 8 dft.Cyanide_1.80.b 8
12 7 jam.mini.Raiko_0.43 29
12 7 pe.[SandboxDT 3]?.02 16
12 7 tide.pear.Pear_0.62.1 7
15 6 dft.Immortal_1.31 18
15 6 pez.mini.Pugilist_2.3 17
17 5 gh.[GrubbmGrb 1]?.1.3 50
17 5 pez.rumble.Ali_0.3.1 13
19 4 apv.test.Virus_0.6.1 15
19 4 gh.mini.Gruwel_0.8 129
19 4 voidious.Shaakious_0.12 21
19 4 wcsv.PowerHouse.[PowerHouse 1]?.514
23 3 abc.tron3.Tron_3.11 26
23 3 jam.micro.[RaikoMicro 1]?.44 38
25 2 6 bots
31 1 18 bots

-- GrubbmGait

Hey, that's neat! I like any type of ranking that puts Dookious higher than his true RoboRumble rating =) Wow, Ascendant really is a monster. -- Voidious

Very cool indeed! -- ABC

Yes, very cool. And I think there is something for us to learn from this, even if it eludes me exactly what the lesson is... -- PEZ

Knowing the average ranking of the bots you'r the best against should also be interesting, maybe. The more rankings the better. :) -- ABC

By the way, PEZ, I remember somewhere on the wiki a situation (I checked, ABCsLinkedListChallenge) where you likened yourself to Pooh... Your comment here also seemed very Pooh-like to me. =) -- Voidious

For the complete list including victims, but without ranking, see http://home.versatel.nl/gheijenk/robocode/things/bestbot.html Note that this ranking is from the 7th! -- GrubbmGait

Wow, thanks. That's some really interesting reading. I have none of Kawigi's bots on CC's list. Pooh is starting to think here. Think, think, think. Hmmm, I think I need some food. =) -- PEZ

Comments, questions, feedback

Nice! I'm surprised to see LifelongObsession at #5! I think we should put a very high significance on this style of ranking ;). Even more surprising is WeeksOnEnd at #7. Totaling the two, that gives Single Tick Pattern Matching 36 of the best scores in the game! -- Simonton

Yeah, your bots definitely jumped out at me, too. Other notable scores, to my eye, were GresSuffurd at #8, Ugluk at #15, and CassiusClay / PulsarMax being as low as #12/#13 (while the top 4 is still the top 4). Definitely an interesting look at what bots have some unique strengths. And considering Grishnakh is an older version of Ugluk, either one might be a lot higher if the other wasn't there. Lastly, it's interesting that SandboxDT is only best against 2 bots, and Dookious is one of them; though it changes for Dooki from version to version, often being Shadow or Phoenix instead. -- Voidious

Note that the differences could be very small, like 6000-1 against 6001-1 for ad.last.Bottom. That the bot(s) of Simonton and Martin are that high ranked was no surprise for me, as they have a unique approach. As for the non-top-4 surfers, I think they are cannibalized by Dookious, that bot really is a monster. The only surprise for me is the high ranking of GresSuffurd, as it is not unique in any aspect, only quite clean and straightforward. -- GrubbmGait

With 6 of the 8 bots that Ugluk beats beyond all others are very unlikely to hit a specific movement style, and Ugluk exclusively employs that movement style against them. The other two are likely also vulnerable to the same movement, but it isn't hard-coded like with the others. I agree that without Grishnakh competing for the same low hanging fruit, Ugluk would have had 12-16 instead of 8. -- Martin

GrubbmGait, would you be willing to give this another run? Or...I'd be willing to run it if you send me the script. -- Skilgannon

Just for the record, I've written a [short program] (more of a script =) ) that downloads all the bots' data files for you. Here's the latest [results]. I have a feeling Stormrider is stealing a lot of DrussGT's bots (or vice versa) =) -- Skilgannon

Cool! I think these are really neat stats. However, I'm not sure it's worth posting new results until the RoboRumble results are fixed. =( -- Voidious

I knew there were some smarter people out there that could make such a script/program, thanks Skilgannon for your effort. Do note that running it could give quite a stress on the server, especially if more people do it. Results do seem a lot closer together than early this year (see links on top of page), but 'quote Voidious' -- GrubbmGait

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