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Changed: 5c5,10
* 1.048
* 1.06 - Rating: 1884
** Rollback to 1.04.
** Bullet times instead of distances in Main Gun segmentations.
** Weighting of two stat buffers dependent on weighted visit counts, instead of fixed weighting for each stat buffer.
** Tweaks to bullet power management.
* 1.048 - Pulled

The RRGunChallenge version of Dookious is called "DookiSaberRRGC". Up through version 1.0, the RRGC entries all mirrored an actual version of Dookious. However, with DookiSaberRRGC 1.042, I've begun testing gun changes with no corresponding version of Dookious; until I find a gun change worth making, of course. I'll list the updates to DookiSaberRRGC here.

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