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So I'm trying to get my play-it-forward working, and the standard method is working fine. However, when I tried to get the optimized version described by ABC working, it fails horribly. My hitrate against Spinbot is about the same as head on targeting, versus comparable to Shadow with the standard PlayItForward?. I've done a bit of graphical debugging and everything looks fine. If you can spot the bug/bad assumption/whatever I'd be very grateful...I've stared at this code for over 4 hours now!

// // // 	-- this method *should* be a lot faster, but I can't get it to hit spinbot, so until then....
       /*double getGunOffset(Tracer enemyStart, DCRobotState rs){
         double distance = lastScan.getDistance();

         //the difference between the enemy's current heading, and their heading at the time of the recording
         double deltaHeading = enemyStart.heading - lastScan.getHeadingRadians();

         //what the absolute bearing should be once I've been translated back to the recording
         double startAngle = rs.absBearing + deltaHeading;

         //my position - should be at the same angle from the enemy's heading at that point in time i am from the enemy now, and the same distance too
         Point2D.Double myRelativeLocation = JKDCUtils.project(enemyStart.location, startAngle + Math.PI, distance);

         double bulletSpeed = 20 - 3*BULLET_POWER;
         double bulletDistance = 0;

         //a tracer is a sort of linked list, it also stores some stuff about the robot at that point in time
         Tracer t = enemyStart;
            t = t.next;
            if(t == null || t.round != enemyStart.round)
               return Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY;
            bulletDistance += bulletSpeed;
         }while(JKDCUtils.sqr(bulletDistance) < myRelativeLocation.distanceSq(t.location));
         //the angle i should have shot at in that point in history
         double fireAngle = JKDCUtils.absoluteBearing(myRelativeLocation,t.location);

         //the offset from the original angle that they started from - what i'm actually after
         double offset = Utils.normalRelativeAngle(fireAngle - startAngle);

         //do a bit of boundary checking....
         if(!JKDCUtils.fieldContains(JKDCUtils.project(myLocation,rs.absBearing + offset,myRelativeLocation.distance(t.location))))
            return Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY;
         return offset;
      //// The standard PlayItForward method that works perfectly, but uses a lot more Trig...
       double getGunOffset(Tracer enemyStart, DCRobotState rs){
         double bulletSpeed = 20 -3*BULLET_POWER;
         double bulletDistance = 0;
         Tracer t = enemyStart;
         Point2D.Double predLocation = enemyLocation;
         double predHeading = lastScan.getHeadingRadians();
            t = t.next;
            bulletDistance += bulletSpeed;
            if(!JKDCUtils.fieldContains(predLocation) || t == null || t.round != enemyStart.round)
               return Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY;
            predLocation = JKDCUtils.project(predLocation, predHeading += t.deltaHeading, t.velocity);
         }while(JKDCUtils.sqr(bulletDistance) < myLocation.distanceSq(predLocation));
         double fireAngle = JKDCUtils.absoluteBearing(myLocation,predLocation);
         return Utils.normalRelativeAngle(fireAngle - rs.absBearing);

-- Skilgannon

I can't see anything wrong with that code, have you tried it against Walls? I'm not very good at looking at other peoples code, sorry. -- ABC

It does pretty good against Walls (seems about the same as the other method), but the Spinbot problem really bugs me. It seems that about half the time it is shooting at positions that Spinbot never even reaches. I've added a bunch of comments, maybe that will make it easier to read. Failing that, could you turn your optimised pif method into pseudocode, so I can try a second coding attempt (from scratch)? Thanks.... -- Skilgannon

In pseudocode my code is exactly the same as yours... I've changed it to look as close as possible to yours, maybe you can spot the difference?

	private double getGunAngle(scanInfo predictedInfo, double nextX, double nextY) {
		tolerance = 0;
		scanInfo endInfo = predictedInfo;
		double bulletSpeed = (20 - 3 * bulletPower);
		double dist = BotUtils.distanceTo(last.x, last.y, nextX, nextY);
		double ang = BotUtils.angleTo(last.x, last.y, nextX, nextY);
		double angDiff = predictedInfo.d - last.d;
		double projX = predictedInfo.x + dist * BotUtils.sinD(ang + angDiff);
		double projY = predictedInfo.y + dist * BotUtils.cosD(ang + angDiff);
		double bDist = 0;//bulletSpeed;
		do {
			endInfo = endInfo.next;
			if (endInfo == null ||endInfo.t < predictedInfo.t)
				return (Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY);
			bDist += bulletSpeed;
			dist = BotUtils.distanceSqr(projX, projY, endInfo.x, endInfo.y);
		} while (BotUtils.sqr(bDist) < dist);
		ang = BotUtils.angleTo(projX, projY, endInfo.x, endInfo.y);
		dist = Math.sqrt(dist);
		double predx = nextX + dist * BotUtils.sinD(ang - angDiff);
		double predy = nextY + dist * BotUtils.cosD(ang - angDiff);
		if (predx < 18 || predx > battleFieldWidth - 18
			|| predy < 18 || predy > battleFieldHeight - 18) return (Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY);
		tolerance = Math.toDegrees(/*Math.atan*/(toleranceWidth / dist));
		return (ang - angDiff);

-- ABC

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