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What is most important, Movement or Targeting?

Many say it's both. That's not a valid answer to such a question. =) I think both are important but that movement is where close games are won or lost. Some examples (sorry if this gets a bit confused among all versions and rankings...):

Most of these versions of M have almost the same aiming system. Which is rather lame compared to many bots like SandboxDT, Cigaret, PrairieWolf, the Duelist series, Dalek, most of Albert's bots and ... (the list of bots with better aiming than Marshmallow is long). Yet M has run as a yo-yo up and down the rumble rankings. That's how important movement is.

Hopefully I have now found the movement system that will let me focus on aiming a while and really compete among the best bots. Yes, Targeting is important as well. Look at SandboxDT. It has the best movement of all robots combined with a top-10 gun.

-- PEZ

Comments please

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