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* until last year i also ran Robocode at work during the night. But they tightened up security and now i can no longer FTP (i guess that is the problem because i can download bots but can no longer upload the results). I even have problems posting on this wiki. --Loki

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I guess one of my problems is that the ratings of the bots in the ranking range 75 to 100 are closer together than the bots at say ranking 30. In my tests the latest version of mini.Wodan did 2% better (42.23% to 44.30% against my original testbed), so i released it. With the TestBed, mini.Wodan did 1.5% worse. So first, my testbed was not representative for the whole rumble (but which 10 bot testbed is?) and second, a small change in performance costs me almost 20 places in the ranking. So in the future i will only release a new version which performs significantly better and maybe i should use GrubbmGait's advice and use the Roborumble as a testbed --Loki

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