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Revision 7 . . September 19, 2007 0:59 EST by Voidious [some of my favorite opponents]
Revision 6 . . (edit) September 18, 2007 20:16 EST by GrubbmGait [my list]

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Added: 11a12,13
Walls, SpinBot, and DustBunny were all important bumps in the road for me early on. =) DuelistNano and Barracuda were staples for many weeks for fine tuning my WaveSurfing / movement code. -- Voidious

Added: 19a22,24
PrairieWolf and Swiffer are a couple of MultiMode bots that are really tougher than they look! Make sure your gun is up to snuff or you are toast. TheArtOfWar isn't much of a 1v1 competitor any more, but it's still a really sold all-around bot and great in Melee. I was so excited to beat TAOW, I saved writing my VictoryDance until I could finally take him down. =) -- Voidious

Added: 22a28,29

Shadow and CassiusClay have gotta be the top 2 here for me. Shadow is just unstoppable head to head - I still long for the day I can dominate it in 1v1. CassiusClay is just a stellar all around duelist and it's OpenSource; I studied it well and have learned a ton from it. Ascendant and Phoenix also deserve an honorable mention, for obvious reasons. -- Voidious

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