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A team currently being designed by members of COSI Academy.

The Robots are based on Cinnamon 1.2, by Dan, NullPointerException 3.5, by Giacomo?, and Spearmint?, by Jon?

Basic design includes three Normal bots, and two Droids. Tactics are based on killing as many enemy guns as possible, as fast as possible. Targeting any 100 energy bots first, we aim to destroy enemy guns and command and control. Our next target is the 200 energy leader, also to destroy command and control. Having succeded at those two missions, the robots will proceed to eliminate the enemy droids that remain. More info as it becomes available.

For more on COSI Academy visit www.cosiacademy.org

Interesting. I've been toying with a team recently, and I try to take out the leader first (everyone still alive on the enemy team loses 20 energy I think when the leader is killed, which often disables everyone and stops the bullets from flying anyways), but it can be quite a difficult operation. But they do go after non-droids before droids, too. -- Kawigi

They have a point in taking out 100 energy robots first. They have a radar (can gather intelligence), can fire, and are the easiest to take out! -- Qetu

All guns are equally dangerous, remove guns from the battlefield as quickly as possible. Seems like elementary tactics ;) I agree about ignoring droids. I'm not sure the leader thing is worth it, though. Even if killing the leader by doing 200 damage does 300 total damage the distribution is bad, you're breaking with the concentrated fire, and losing 20 health doesn't mean much if they land one or two 3 power bullets after it, so you do 200 damage to eliminate one source of fire and slightly irritate the others. 200 damage could eliminate two sources of fire and irritate the others far more effectively by eliminating that much cover :p -- Kuuran

Damn it if I don't get very interested in Teams developement now. So much room for strategy! -- PEZ

Since all guns on a team have equal potential it'll quickly degenerate to "pick the weakest target (w/ a radar) that's not too much behind it's team and have everyone fire at it, rinse, repeat". Then it'll go back to who can pick targets best, who can avoid fire more effectively as individual bots, who can fire more accurately (a little), and who can detect when a bot is selected as the concentrated fire target and cycle it to the back of the team. Except that last one and friendly fire avoidance that's mostly stuff from melee already. Not to say it's trivial, all that's really hard to do, but like OneOnOne and Melee you'll basically end up designing the best way to go about a limited number of systems, where everyone uses pretty much the same systems. -- Kuuran

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