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Hi! The reason i'm here is to learn Java programming basically from scratch. I've touched the subject sparingly from some time ago, and my attention span is NaN, so i better try to learn with this lovely game. I like games.

I would like to explore some fields i see untouched on this wiki, like alternate rules: RulesP90, Teams, PointBlankCompetition ... I'm concentrating right now on some OneOnOne bots, using PointBlankCompetition and RulesP90 for testing.

My Robots:

  1. /TestDummy is a benchmark i use before trying to beat anything else. Better than SpinBot, at least :P.
  2. /RandomStep changes movement randomly between some useful tactics. Ironically, pretty predictable. :/
  3. /ShootDown is my attempt at BulletShielding. Alpha stages still.

Actual Workload:

/RandomStep - 90%
/TestDummy - 0%
/ShootDown - 10%


ˇBienvenido! -- Albert

Welcome from me too! VirtualBullets is not complicated at all. It's just a very good way to implement the Sun Tzu rule of knowing your enemy and knowing yourself. -- PEZ

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