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Everything with anyting other than competition in mind!

Wow, this HCBot thing is so cool! I can't manage to beat a thing with it, but it's really cool. I'm tempted to add mouse gun control to make it able to compete... :D -- Vuen

Beating other bots with HCBot is easy... just set your framerate to 5 FPS or so and dodge all incoming bullets... then, ram your opponent when it's out of ammo ;-) --Dummy

Interestingly enough, I had been doing exactly this before coming here, but at 15 FPS. I was up to 20 rounds against StatistRobot and had only taken about 3 or 4 bullet hits. I was trying to go 100 rounds and then see my movement curve, but I couldn't tough it. Maybe some other time. :-( -- Vuen

Hey I edited HBot to control the gun with Q and E. It's pretty far out. I'll upload it sometime tonight. I'm at school right now, and I'm logged in under Vic... -- Vuen Cool Vuen, but you said you are logged in under Vic's account and saved the page with my account. How do you do that? :-) --Loki

I have a edited HCbot at one point so that it does gun control itself based on a simple gun, but still only fires when you hit the fire button. That way you only need to worry about dodging every single bullet the enemy fires, and your gun is always in line if you need it ;) -- Kuuran

I played through 100 rounds with HCBot against StatistRobot, and the curve is (not surprisingly) heavily weighted to the positive side, with a spike at 0. Basically, I drive very poorly, statistically speaking, but since I can see the bullets... *shrug* I guess the lesson from this is if you know where they are going to fire, you win, regardless of your movement curve. -- nano

Hey... HCBot uses an external java applet that writes to the robot's datadirectory to communicate with the robot, right? Would it be possible to have an external java applet take screenshots every tick, and write bulletpositions to the datadirectory??? --Dummy

I edited the HCBot so it "locks" onto the target with the gun. Now it is hard to tell which way is up and down. I then plugged in buttons for "automatic" perpendicular movement, and other automatic stuff. That way, i can dodge bullets in real time 20 FPS, except against a few bots that shoot less than power 1.5 bullets on average. Funny though, even though my gun is always in line, I still use the "dodge till energy runs out and ram them" technique. --DragonTamer

Is someone going to upload an edited version of HCBot? -- Alphax

I will upload my version of HCBot tommorow. I wanted to today but I forgot my USB (I'm at school). It lets you turn the gun with J and L and also lets you control the robot with 2, 4, 8, and 6. I'm also planning to add more features to it.

Here is the modified version with a seperate gun control but it doesn't work with a joystick since I don't have the resources to. You can get it at http://www.geocities.com/seakinsen/cs.HCBot_Modified1.00.jar. -- Kinsen

Added The Conga to the list... I forgot about that one. Man, I did some weird stuff when I started RoboCoding?. :-) -- Dummy

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