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Hello. This is my home page. I'll write something useful in here eventually. : )

Check out my bot, Fractal!


Welcome! I've seen your name here and there, but thought the Robocode world had lost you. Glad it wasn't so! -- PEZ

Hey Vuen, since you seem to have OceansOfSpareTime right now ('ve seen you click on the random page button for a few hours now) why don't you enter the PatternMatcherChallenge :-) -- Vic

Lol, thanks but sorry, some other time. For now I'm going to bed; I've successfully been doing this for five and a half hours. I work and have a banquet monday, an exam tuesday morning, an exam wednesday morning, and two back to back exams thursday morning without even a coffee break between them. Hopefully after that I'll start working on a pattern analyser and building it into my MegaBot, but I'm really crap at pattern matching; but if I do get competitive at it I'll see about disabling my bot's movement to try to take down PatternBot. :D -- Vuen

I dub thee Vuen, king of the Random Page link. -- nano

-Hey all. Haven't really been around much lately; since I released the latest version of Fractal, I've been busy trying to achieve godhood in the Warcraft 3 map and modding community by building a Dungeons & Dragons RPG to replace Neverlax's map. Unfortunately it's not finished yet, so I will be out of the loop in Robocode for at least 2 more weeks (since I'm on vacation until next wednesday). Don't worry though; I haven't forgotten about my bot, and all those crazy ideas about zoning and curve point normalization and all are still swimming around in my brain. I'll build them eventually! :) - Vuen

-Hey all. No update on Fractal, sorry; been workin day in and day out making this warcraft map right crazy. Anyway, I just got DSL today! YYYEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH! yeah. It's great. I've finally crawled out of the stone ages. Funny part is I leave home in about 10 days to go live in my university residence; we finally get DSL right before I go to move out. Nice. Anyway, I've got lots of stuff to do (pack and fill out paperwork and crap for university), and I've still got like weeks of work on my map to make it good. Besides, once I get in residence I doubt I'll have much time if any to work on my Warcraft III map; in fact, I'm actually debating leaving my WC3 cd home if I hope to pass my classes. Heh. Anyway, I really want to keep working on my bot sometime; I have a programming class (intro to OOP) in university, and I wanted to brush up on my Java before starting the class. So yeah. I'll come back sometime. I just really wanted to tell everybody about my DSL! :). So yeah. Now that I'm always online rather than only late at night, I'll be able to browse whenever, so I may be more active around here even if I'm not workin on my bot. Anyway, later! -- Vuen

We were just talking about your absence. Glad to see u r back. -- Axe

Axe, that update was made quite some time ago. -- Kuuran

Who is vuen tim?

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