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;When I have Oceans of Spare Time (TM)
I'll write a non-MiniBot ;-) -- Dummy
I'll write my learning bot. :) -- Wolfman
I'll make a pattern-matching bot that actually can hit. -- Kawigi
I'll hit the Random Page button on the Wiki for a few hours (Oh wait, I'm doing that now...) -- Vuen
I'll develop my parameter optimization software -- Simonech
I'll actually finish a competative bot -- DragonTamer
I'll run another 500 rounds against the PatternMatcherBot. -- jim
I'll write the slowest bot to ever plague your systems (Oh wait, I just did!) -- Vic
I'll create the flattest profile SandboxDT has ever seen - and get killed by Gouldingi. -- Kawigi
I'll spend more time with my wife and daughter and then worry about Robocode -- Rod Hyde
I'll actually read up about robocode, cause its sorta interesting (I mostly read this when I'm talking to Vuen) lol -- PitSpawn
I'll finish PhoeniX :-p --David Alves
We all would have Oceans of Spare Time (tm) if we didn't know about robocode :P --deathcon
I'll make a guessfactor/pattern matcher hybrid gun -- PEZ
(Let me know if you can actually get that working! I spent ages on that. -- nano)
I'll make a megabot with all my insane targeting ideas in one vguns array, then cry when it loses to SmallDevil -- Kuuran
I'll finally use my neural classifier to segment on movement profiles. (Maybe I'll call it MetaSegmenter?.) -- nano
I'll make a bot that hacks robocode and makes the other bot blow itself up. -- Mike Z
I'll come up with my own movement, only to watch MyFirstRobot hit it 97 of 100 times. -- Dan
I'll carefully and meticulously design a revolutionizing new targeting system, and then learn that it is algorithmically equivalent to Waves, only slower and buggy. -- Scarpia
I'll write a Robocode Operation System. --[:[UnderDark]]
I'll write a competetive bot. --lRem
I'll finally finish 'Colin McRae? Rallye 2.0 (PC)' in Expert-mode. Maybe then I don't have knightmares about movement-selection anymore. -- GrubbmGait
IŽll programm the robobots Fe4r, Slartibartfass and Fatghost which only exist in my mind. --Krabb
I tear my hair in frustration over skippedTurnEvents? when all my printouts on my patternmatcher shows me it actually DID execute within the turn. -- Jimpa (rusty)
I'll make my robot beat the Sandbox team. -- Kinsen
I'll return to robocode again. -- lolo
I'll use all of it, so there's no spare time, let alone oceans. -- Jonathan
Learn how to make proper pattern-matchers and wave-surfers :-p -- AaronKrill
I'll stop writing stuff to the wiki and start writing actual code. -- Jokester
I'll exhaust every conceivable targeting method and movement method and still die in melee just as fast as anyone else. But I'll do it with style. -- Martin Alan Pedersen
I'll write something here that actually means something --Bayen
I'll actually write something other than a Nanobot --Miked0801
Well, where's the OceansOfSpareTime? I'll back to the robocode battles. I miss you guys:). --iiley
I'll get the fully threaded version of Toad running. Florent
I'll attach a GuessFactorTargeting gun to MyFirstRobot and make it move perpendicular to the enemy, then use it to defeat Dookious in 1v1. --AaronR
I'll program some NON-robocode java before I return to robocode. (Maybe I'll actually program my own robocode :D) --Starrynte
I'll probably sleep it all away. :3 --Chase-san
I'll make a 1v1 bot as successful as LunarTwins is in 2v2. I wish anyways.... :D -- Rednaxela

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