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Who am I?

I a person with an undisclosed name who lives in an undisclosed location and uses the alias Bayen.

What Bots do I have

Comments, Feedback, Etc

Does this work? -Bayen

Maybe. It depends what you are referring to. -wcsv

Well, I was trying to figure out how to work this site, but I think I have it now. -Bayen

Hey, you deleted my comment! :P Anyway... If you set your name under "Preferences", it will show up as "you" on the Changes page, as well. -- Voidious

Whoops. You commented while I was editing, so I didn't realize it was there. Also, could you have a look at CrazyTracker? -- Bayen

Do you mean the page, or the tank? In either case, the answer's yes, but I'm just finishing up some things on Dookious at the moment, so give me a few minutes... Was there something in particular you want me to look at? -- Voidious

The tank, please. I need to know what I should work on improving. -- Bayen

Well, I think a good start is to try all the various simple targeting methods that are outlined on this site. You've already got LinearTargeting, so maybe try CircularTargeting or RandomTargeting. A next step after having a few targeting algorithms would be to come up with a system for choosing between them, and the most complete way of doing this would be VirtualGuns. (There are other, simpler ways you could start with, though.) I'm not sure exactly what your main focus is with this tank, but I've really only worked with 1v1 (pretty new to Robocode, myself). In any case, there is a ton of good information on this site, I'd just dig through it and try to implement what you can, for starters :) -- Voidious

UbaMicro? is quite a bit stronger than CrazyTracker, at least in OneOnOne, all thanks to that one line extra. You see, small changes can make big differences. It's meleeperformance is quite a bit less though. -- GrubbmGait

I just wanted to let you know that you can do subpackages to put your tanks in different packages if you want. For instance, you could develop your new tank under robots/bayen/bugger, and then use package bayen.bugger in your files. It just makes it easier to distinguish what tanks belong to whom. -- Voidious

Just another tip: you can re-use your bot-entry on the RobocodeRepository. Just login there, select your bot, and then do a 'Save and Upload'. -- GrubbmGait

Thank you, Voidious, i was looking for a better way to organize my bots! --Bayen

Also thanks to GrubbmGait, I have been getting tired of re-uploading again and again for new releases (which, since I am still learning much, are very frequent). --Bayen

Uh, how do you do subpackages? --Bayen

You can make a directory bayen\bugger in the robots directory, and then the start of the java file UbaMicro? looks like below. This bot is now known as bayen.bugger.UbaMicro.

package bayen.bugger;
import robocode.*;
import robocode.util.Utils;
import java.awt.Color;
import java.awt.geom.*;
import java.util.*;

 * Comment on your bot

public class UbaMicro extends AdvancedRobot {

-- GrubbmGait

You do not need to re-introduce an older bot to see the differences, you can simply 'edit' the comparison url. You do a comparison against any bot, then select as second bot your own, and then edit the url. (and then bookmark it !). Just to make things easier, here is the comparison url for Squirrel. -- GrubbmGait

Thanks! I'll go delete the redundant entry now. --Bayen

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