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Who am i?

My name is Gert Heijenk and I come from the only country where a pronounced 'G' sounds like scraping your throat.

I am a software integrator for embedded systems (mobile phones, car infotainment systems, medical scanners) and encountered Robocode in september 2004 during an internal J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) course. The last day-and-a-half of it was reserved for designing a bot resulting in an endbattle of 12 bots. When checking the sampleBots I was struck by the simplicity and yet outstanding performance of SpinBot (relatively speaking ofcourse), so I decided to extend SpinBot with the gun from TrackFire. The result was GrubbmOne.

Needless to say I managed to win ;-), although someone else managed to code some circular targetting. Luckily the movement of that bot was so crappy that it was constantly killed by others before it could finish me off.


Gait == local pronouncement of Gert
Grubbm == sort of dry ditch near a farm.

Probably got this nickname because I ended up too many times there when returning at night from a party.

Personal Data:

Nationality: Dutch
Birth: july 07, 1964 (yes, I'm almost retired)
e-mail: grubbmgait at hotmail.com

My Bots (in order of creation):

My goals in OneOnOne:

My goals in Melee:

My goals in Teams:

My goals on this wiki:

My first entrance in the RoboRumble:

ARCHIVED RANKINGS FOR GAME roborumble Generation time: 2004-10-20:23:50
rank bot rating# battles
1 mue.Ascendant 0.9.3 2069.86 919
2 jam.RaikoMX 0.32 2058.72 1608
3 pez.rumble.CassiusClay 2058.33 1275
4 axeBots.SilverSurfer 2.53.05 2041.29 145
5 pulsar.PulsarMax 0.5.20 2033.63 1635
283 adt.Ar1 2.1 1318.06 1579
284 bbo.RamboT 0.3 1300.33 2274
285 gjr.Cephalosporin 0.2 1292.15 1584
286 gh.GrubbmOne 0.5 1290.94 1745<== here I am
287 gg.Squaraus 0.6 1289.47 1872
288 Noran.RandomTargeting 0.02 1284.16 1569
289 nic.SnippetBot 1.0 1273.23 3958
299 japs.Serenity 1.0 912.62 2181
300 mc.Messapia 0.1.8 874.95 2414
301 ad.last.Bottom 1.0 207.15 2178

The details-sheet: http://rumble.fervir.com/rumble/RatingDetails?game=roborumble&name=gh.GrubbmOne%200.5&compare=true

As you can see, there is nothing wrong with starting at the bottom. There are only a few robocoders gifted with the ability to start at the top.

Welcome to the wiki! -- Alcatraz

Welcome! Please take the time to use this page to tell us about yourself. Also feel free to add your contact information to the ContactInfo page and put your picture on WhatWeLookLike page if you like. --David Alves

Thanks for the welcome, I'll add some info about me when I can find the time. -- GrubbmGait

I found the time during lunchbreak, see above. Now lets see how GrubbmOne will do at the rumble. -- GrubbmGait

Hey een nederlander :-) Welkom op het wiki! Grubbm? Gait? kom je uit friesland of zo? ;-) --Vic

Oorspronkelijk Gelderland, nu woonachtig in Overijssel. Dat 'Grubbm' is wat meer Twents. GrubbmGait

HEY!!!!! Someone older than me! Only by 3 months mind you but I will take it. *Passes old man hat to GrubbmGait]] -- jim

Welkom GrubbmGait! Leuk om weer een nieuwe Nederlandse bot in de RoboRumble tegen te komen. Succes. --Loki

Bedankt, heb ik ook wel nodig ook met rank 250 (Mega) en 103(Mini). In de PL doe ik het stukken beter (225 en 84), heeft dit te maken met mijn relatief lichte bullets ? 3.0 < 250, 0.99 < 500, 0.1 > 500. Ik zie dat bijna iedereen altijd met 3.0 schiet. --GrubbmGait

zolang je geen richt-technieken met een grote trefkans gebruikt (patroonherkenning of GuessFactorTargeting) zou ik minstens met 2.0 schieten (in mijn oude robots schoot ik zelfs consequent met 3: elke treffer die je dan scoort geeft tenminste een flinke klap). Veel tegenstanders optimaliseren hun afstand op 300 tot pm. 600: je zou eens kunnen testen wat je score is (zonder verdere wijzigingen) als je schiet met 3.0 bij afstanden <= 600 en niet schiet bij grotere afstanden. --Loki

I tested the whole evening against several bots, and for me, with my simple linear and circular targetting, the following setup works best overall:
3.0 < 200, 1.99 < 600, 0.99 < 800, 0.1 > 800. The latter two only to annoy 'cornerhiders' and flee-ers so they will hit the wall :-) . I am rather stationary, so I have to cover the whole field. Together with some energymanagement this gets me 50 points in the ranking. An evening well spent . . . --GrubbmGait

I've noticed that some of your bots are vulnerable to tangental oscillation (or as I like to call it, 'Tango') movement. I saw that many of your bots are on my problem bot list and I tuned my movement against them (when facing them). Specifically, GrubbmTwo 0.9 and Grofvuil 0.2 are getting chewed up. The good news is that both of those bots defy my simpler targeting, so I only use a bearing offset (i.e. guess-factor) gun for each. --Martin Alan Pedersen / Ugluk

Both bots you mention use the same (sortof orbital/linear) gun, so with the right movement you can easily avoid getting hit. Even my 'standard' iterative circular gun should not be able to hit such a 'Tango' movement, see also the results of my bots against SnippetBot. Ugluk has made some nice progress lately, together with Freya and Logic it has forced me to think about a bot with a 'real' meleemovement. -- GrubbmGait

Ugluk 6.0 oddly only has one fight against SnippetBot but it was 88% in Ugluk's favor. My only 'pattern matching gun' is focused on tango, which I read is common among nano's, and it does well.
I gabbed with Kawigi yesterday on IM and afterward I spent about 20 mintues coding a minimum-risk style movement for melee. With some other tweaks I finally destroyed my control group in 100 rounds, something I've working toward for months. Then I made some seemingly minor adjustments and ran 1000 rounds and took second again behind Freya 0.31. Grr.
Anyway, back to the bots I mentioned .. I think at least one of them claimed to be at the end of development, so I mostly wanted you aware of it for your active development. Then again, I am still losing to over half your bots, and one of those fairly severly. -- Martin Alan Pedersen / Ugluk

I'm sorry if this seems off-topic to this page, but GrubbmGait said that he encountered Robocode while taking a J2ME course. I can't tell if there is a J2ME version of Robocode. Could someone tell me if there is? If so, where can I obtain this? --Bayen

I don't know anything about J2ME, but there's some discussion about Robocode/J2ME on the page for Bob that seems to suggest there isn't. Hope that helps... -- Voidious

I do not know of any use of J2ME outside mobile phones, and the possibilities there concerning RAM, processingpower and graphics (MIDP 2.0) are very limited. I have to discuss it with some other guys at work if it will be possible in the (near) future. --GrubbmGait

Major congrats! I was just looking the other day at how the top 10 slots in Melee are occupied by 5 people. They still are, but now you're one of them :) Nice work. -- Voidious

GrubbmGait .. are you up for a rambot challenge? We could find an opponent, let's say the one who GrubbmThree 0.8 had the lowest percentage against (as long as it doesn't give opponents a sizeable advantage) and see who can cause the most damage in 500 or so rounds. We can break down the results on pure ram damage, showing how effective your movement is, and gun damage, showing how effective your gun is in the extreme conditions of short rounds and very close range. (Ugluk v0.9.2b is a rambot.) -- Martin Alan Pedersen / Ugluk

As ramming is suddenly very popular, I also have been thinking about a RambotChallenge2K6. As long as I remember, CassiusClay has been the bot where GT 0.8 has the lowest score against. We could use a real version, but it is also possible to use the TC version which only moves and does not fire back. In fact, we could use the whole set of the TargetingChallenge2K6 (and therefor TCCalc to calculate scores if it also showes bullet- and ram-damage), but I don't know if all those TC-bots are any good as ram-reference. That has to be checked. The rambots themselves do not have to be changed, as their ramming is their targeting. I say, lets ram! -- GrubbmGait

YAY! I've been wanting to work on a rammer for a while now, so I agree! RAMBOTS! --Bayen

What have you been working on, Grubbm? I came back to find your main bots kicking Ugluk's ass. Are you finally delving into wave surfing / targeting for a new bot? -- Martin

Apart from some melee-effort, rudimentary TwinDuel stuff and also some rudimentary GF-targeting, nothing much. Since April I have a total traveltime of 3.5 hours a day (and I also have to work 8 hours) so I have not much time left for robocoding if I want to spent some of it with my wife and kids. Priority 1 is an updated GrauwuarG for the TwinDuel, and prio 2 is a WaveSurfing movement that can surf at least the HOT-bots. -- GrubbmGait

Do you currently have (some) spare time? My school is nearly over now! I would like to race for a top 10 rank.. ähh we said a 2050 raiting don't we? --Krabb

Make it sound so easy. --Chase-san

I have not much spare time I'm affraid. And a part of it is reserved for an updated GrauwuarG that at least can threaten the top-4. And next to that I have no idea yet how to improve now. On the other hand, this race could give some inspiration so lets do it! Its time to let fresh blood enter the top-10 and kick that 'ancient' SilverSurfer out of it! And again I start in front of you, and again I will beat you to 2050 ;-) -- GrubbmGait

Oh bah, well I better get back on the ball then, as I still have to make the 2000 Club. --Chase-san

Huzzah! I got meh chair back, no more hard white plastic that doesn't allow me to concentrate for more then a hour, yay now I can once again preform my 17 hour coding Marathons!Happy enough about it that I am willing to make a fool of myself in front of a whole community. :D --Chase-san

What have you been working on now that your surfer has achieved the 2000 club? -- Martin

I think he hexed Garm. I can't get him above 2k any more ;/ --Krabb

I did make a micro GF-bot that for a very short moment was third in there, but currently I am doing nothing else than just running my client. Not much inspiration and even less time :-(. Still have some ideas in the back of my head though. And I followed a voodoo course, but please keep that a secret ;-) -- GrubbmGait

Thanks for taking care of Garm :) --Krabb

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