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Ever wondered? Now you know!




David Alves

Kawigi - Engagement photo with my wife
-likely falsified image removed by Voidious-
Kuuran - The one with the awful redeye
Team Pedersen

Voidious - I don't have many pictures of myself, but I took this goofy one last year before shaving off my beard...

ABC on his Lightcycle.

Another picture of Voidious.

Krabb (third from the left)

Chase-san Cropped prom picture with 8 girls.

Fnl - (2007) - Having a break from Robocode ;-)

Broken links section =(

nano (Fear me!)
Goofy - Okay, so it's not a picture... And that sketch is about three years old. My hair's much longer now.
Simonech - Not that recent, 2 years ago.

Hey, you're not such an ugly bunch as I had imagined. =) -- PEZ

u guys all be en college?-Andrew

I'm working full-time. I had a lot more time for robocode when I was in school. :-p --David Alves

I'm currently unemployed and I have all the time in the world, so I have no excuses for not being #1. ;) -- nano

...until Wednesday (I hope) :-) --David Alves

Me too! Man, it would be nice to have money again. :) -- nano

I'm still a student for a few more months -- Kawigi

Is there any way to resize images in wiki syntax? -- Kuuran

Probably not, but I think HTML is allowed on this site, so I'll try that... *scrolls up* Ok... testing...

It seems HTML is not allowed. PEZ, prehaps you could consider turning it on (I believe it's an option in the UseMod? code)? -- Tango

Ever wondered what we our left eyeballs look like? Now you know! --David Alves

Ever wondered what we our girlfriends look like? Now you know! lol. j/k, Kuuran! -- nano

It want me to enter the ID and Password when i want to see Kuuran's PIC.;[ -- iiley

Kuuran's pic is now mirrored on davidalves.net for your viewing pleasure. --David Alves

*laughs alot* Thanks David. I'll look for a better pic of me, I have maybe two others, one isn't hosted and the other is pretty awful, though. :p -- Kuuran

Hopefully nobody will have a heart attack caused by my picture ;) -- Voidious

Added recent pics of Voidious and ABC. ;-) --David Alves

Ah, thanks David, I didn't think I had any pics of after I trimmed my beard. :P -- Voidious

Was that just some spammer that changed that image? I get suspicious when there's no name associated with a weird change like that. Sure doesn't look like same guy as that old pic. -- Voidious

Thats what I look like, I know i'm not much a looker, and the girls well, they forced me to take the picture. Its only a month or so old (as of June 4th, 2007). --Chase-san

What are these "girls" you speak of? -- Voidious

I cropped them out to keep from overflowing the sides of the page. --Chase-san

Look differnt then I figured Fnl. And mine... well my Annoying host's shotty sub-domains... fixed my image location. --Chase-san

Hehe.. so how did you expect me to look? :-D --Fnl

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