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Italian, from Milan, 29

Working on MS for work, but playing with Linux and Java for hobby... I'm a robocoder "from the old days", when Wolferine and JollyNinja ruled the scenes. I competed in the IBM RobocodeRumble and arrived 8th in the intermediate level. Then I had to leave active robocode programming, and, then stop also following what was goin on. Now, I'm back and I want to come back actively

My only robot is Simone which is now in version 0.3b, must be refined, optimized, and maybe ripped and rebuild from scratch :-)

I'm developing a BotOptimizer to automate parameter tuning...

Soon I'll put a page about robocode on my [website] too.

You can contact me on ICQ since I'm (almost) always on-line... my UIN is 7095361

Hi Simonech, Did u solved the data access problem with the 1.4.2? I had posted the problem in the RoboRumble Reported Problems page. Let me know if u have any news about it... []'s Axe

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