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Heylo, all. This is Goofy. I posted on LinearTargeting a few days ago but decided to make a member page for myself. All in all, I'm a CS Major at URI, and got into Robocode due to a buddy madsci (who, due to schoolwork has been unable to frequent RoboWiki.)

The addiction of Robocode is strong in me and my measly 10% win ratio against SandboxDT 1.91's starting to make me /insane/... Anyway, just wanting to say hello.


Goofy Links:

Goofy update: Due to the heavy workload school's been putting me through, my RoboCoding? has stalled. Even worse than my schoolwork, I've run out of new ideas. I mean, I could do a segmented guess factor gun... Or a pattern matcher... But everyone's got one.

With GBCS, I tried some odd, weird methods of moving and firing, but they came out a little too easy to pick off. I mean, god, last.Bottom kicked GBCS's ass... So, as a result, I'm kinda washed out for the time being. Maybe summer will help me revive myself some.


Well, the idea mill got running in my head again. I was sitting through my Phys class, learning about Relativity and it's funny how much that applies to Robocode. Anyway, I'm a secretive guy and if it doesn't work, I'll be happy I didn't say my stupid idea. So, I'm gonna design a new gun, basically a segmented guess factor gun, (WHEN I FINISH MY TERM PAPER, I SWEAR) and if it works I'll release the mechanism. Then again, no one reads this, so it doesn't matter.


If you are trying to find good pathes into the "secrets" of robocode, iŽll tell you that steping into GuessFactoring? is a very good idea. If you get to know well the concepts of waves & guessfactoring, it can allow you to build a very good gun (Talking about the top ranked bots, GuessFactoring? guns are one of the two more effectives guns, the others sre PatternMatching) and even step into WaveSurfing, witch is the movement adopted by almost all top bots.
Documentation about it is very hudge here, and also, we are all here to help u if you need. Just ask and you shall be answered. -- Axe

Are you figuring on a gun based on ideas about Relativity theory? When have you finished that paper you think? -- PEZ

Well, maybe he's figuring if he shoots a bullet at power 13 in the opposite direction of his enemy, it will fire a bullet that moves toward his target at 19 pixels per tick, giving him a great opportunity to hit. And if the bullet has no mass, it can go the speed of light. -- Kawigi

Yeah. But Robocode bullets have no mass, have they? =) -- PEZ

Well they have energy, so by definition they must have mass...--Brainfade

Well, since I've given up on this, the idea was to more accurately predict the EscapeEnvelope of a bot. However, the advanced prediction of this meant I would have to deal with some pretty funky polygons in Java, something I'm not comfortable with. Not to mention segmenting those polygons. Instead, I took a more holistic approach when starting a new bot. --Goofy

Well, it's about time for me to return. I'm happy to see a lot of you still hanging around here and I hope that my stay this time won't be so ephemeral. So, off to the tracks, I go. Today is the start of the rest of my (robocoding) life. --Goofy

Welcome back! I was just testing against GoofyBotCS yesterday. It's one of the few bots I have on my laptop. --Alcatraz

GoofyBotCS is a pos, if I do say so myself. Anyway, since I know none of you read this much anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm developing fast and hard right now, and with luck will release a new beta on Saturday! I've been trucking away from square one, making everything new, and using a different design approach than my previous two bots. I just finished some very important forumlae and once I integrate my movement I should be ready for testing. RoboRumble, here I come! --Goofy

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