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I'm going to log my responses to participating in RoboRumble here (to keep it off the RoboRumble chat page.)

Day 1: GoofyBot 0.10 has participated in 60 battles and has a ranking. I can't stop myself from saying, "This is totally cool."... To do list on my bots growing:

  1. Movement upgrade! I have a feeling Movement screws me up royally.

Day 2 (The morning after): With 645 battles under his Belt, GoofyBot's progress has stalled. He seems he will remain stable at about rank 213. My Robocode dreams (or perhaps nightmares) have brought on more ideas for movement upgrades. Possibly also scaling down GoofyBot to mini size so get a better handle on keeping clean code. Unfortunately, this will require a new underlying structure. Surgery is to commence on his movement, however, immediately.

4-22-04 (Lost track of days, so I have to use dates now.): New Bot being entered! GoofyBotCS, hopefully, will outperform the original GoofyBot in every way. As I write this, I'm finishing 1000 rounds with FloodMini 1.4 to see how his movement curve is. Only time will tell.

4-24-04: The results of the RoboRumble are particularly disappointing. I figured GBCS would finish above GB.1, but not a single step... Well, in honesty, GBCS uses a different gun, which I think isn't as good as GB.1's. However, GB.1's gun is a disgusting mess of a code and GBCS's is particularly more interesting, and I think elegant. I am under the impression that tweaking of GBCS's gun could yield significant improvements to its capabilities. Now, if only my Robocode didn't keep hanging... I'd actually be able to test these things.

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