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I'm a Portuguese robocoder. I discovered Robocode in december 2001, and became an instant fanatic/addict.

My Bots:

Tron: A themed melee speciallist with an original movement. Responsible for the introduction of my "MultipleChoice Statistical PatternMatcher Gun", TronsGun.

Shadow: An all-around strong bot. Evolved from a very simple bot to a melee/1on1 champion along the years. The only bot to have ever broken DT's record of being 1on1+melee+teams champion in the RoboRumble. The first bot to feature pure WaveSurfing.

See you in the Robocode arena, ABC.

Welcome aboard the wiki dude! -- PEZ
Muito obrigado pelas boas vindas, fico contente em ver que o portugues ainda e' falado(?) na comunidade. Parabens pelo Tron, realmente aquelas guinadas de 90 graus sao um tormento - simples e efetivo. Pena que a modalidade melee naum esteja em alta no RoboRumble. Abraccos, Axe

Obrigado, felizmente tenho conseguido manter a competitividade do Tron num bom nível, mesmo com a sofisticação dos adversários sempre a aumentar. Ainda ninguém me ameaçou o segundo lugar em melee (chegou a ser um 1º antes da versão 2.01 do DT). No 1vs1 a coisa é mais complicada... estou a tentar voltar para o top10, tenho alguma esperança de subir uns lugares com um novo algorítmo de movimento que estou a desenvolver.

Quanto ao português, eu vi que criaste um forum de discussão, ainda não tive tempo de lá ir marcar presença, mas duvido que haja gente suficiente para manter um nível participação que se veja... nunca se sabe, o esforço é sempre válido. :) Temos sempre o inglês para não deixar o resto do pessoal às aranhas, imagino-os a tentar perceber esta nossa conversa... ;) -- ABC

New movement algorithm? Please, do tell! -- Vuen

Hehe, I knew someone would try to understand what we were talking about... Not really new, I've been finally spending some serious time in the MovementLaboratory, trying different runTime distributions to see if I fully understand what makes a movement "flat" as seen by a guessFactor gun. I'm planing on rewriting Tron's movement almost from scratch like I did with the targeting. -- ABC

Heheh, gotta love babelfish. -If you rewrite it from scratch, will it still move at right angles? -- Vuen

Sure thing, wouldn't be called Tron if it didn't. :) -- ABC

Still, you'll have to fix the radar bug. Few bots can afford to be sitting ducks from time to time. Maybe an anti Tron could move at all wrong angles? ==) -- PEZ

I'm not sure if that bug is radar related, I hope I already fixed it in one of my recent movement revisions. I though of making it do diagonals, but the walls allways stand in the way... :) -- ABC

You had asked me to let u know if i find a solution to that HeadOnTargeting weakness, take a look at Musashi's page. There is an ugly KISS solution... -- Axe

Most things made acording to the KISS principle are beautiful, specially when they work :). I'll try something along those lines soon, maybe with Tron's movement, a typical case of underperformance against the weak bots... -- ABC

It's my turn to announce an RC-vacation. I'll be away for around 3 weeks, the reason: I'm getting married this saturday :). I had a code cleanup planned for Shadow/Tron? before I left, but my concentration levels are a bit flaky already, so I'll probably leave it as is until I return. Anyway, wish me luck... ;) -- ABC

You need luck? ;-) Congratulations and good luck! Doesn't sound like good times to think about stuff like robocode! There is always an excuse for not cleaning huh? -- Pulsar

Yay ABC! Congrats -- Alcatraz

Good luck with growing your familiy! My best regards to your wife for keeping you away a while. =) -- PEZ

Congratulations, ABC! --Vic

Thanks. :) -- ABC

No way, Congrats! And have a great time. :) -- Jamougha

Congratulations and i and we all i think wish you unforgettable and nice days. --deathcon

Hey hey! Congratulations! --Dummy

Awesome news. Congrats! The best true advice I can ever offer you is that marriage does not "just happen", you have to work at it some. After that just keep in mind that all of us who have ever been married have made it up as we went along too. It is 15 years and counting for me. I would not trade any of it for the world. -- jim

Congratulations! Enjoy the big day! -- Albert

Yes! After 2 disapointing performances Portugal managed to qualify for the quarter finals with a great match against Spain. I'm back btw, I'll probably start thinking about RC tomorrow, now it's celebration time! :) -- ABC

Welcome back! Boy, did Portugal play football today! Ronaldo must be competing with Rooney about being the best player in the tournament. I do hope Portugal starts with Nuno Gomez from now on. Things happen around him like they just don't around Paulito. -- PEZ

Great match! Congrats for making it through! I'm glad the Portuguese and Greek are through and not the Spaniards :-) And PEZ, Even though the two players you mention have played great I'd put Zlatan up for best player before either of them. --Vic

Hey, welcome back. btw: "Meus mais sinceros votos ao casal. Que a prosperidade e a felicidade vos acompanhe!". -- Axe

Welcome back, abc. The best player for me so far in the campionchip was Pavel Nedved. --deathcon

I didn't see the full game with the Czechs vs the Dutch. But from the highlights, yes, Nedved looks really dangerous. But I among the full games I've seen so far the most impressing players have been Ronaldo and Rooney. Especially Ronaldo seems totally unpredictable for a defender to deal with. Amazing. Also Spains Juaquin against Russia impressed me. -- PEZ

I think Zidane will always at least be in the running. Henry is none too shabby, either, but he looks like his Premiership season might've taken something out of him. -- Kuuran

No doubt those are good players. But I think the talk was on how they have performed so far in the tournament. Neither Zidane nor Henry have played bad fotball, but still nothing that can compare with what Ronaldo did yesterday. IMHO. -- PEZ

I don't know about best players, but Portugal finally showed that they can play football. Most people here were losing any kind of expectations after the first two matches. The celebrations are still going on, Lisbon's downtown is a huge party since last night, it's almost like we won the tournament allready ... :) -- ABC

Rooney. You'll have to watch out for him in the quarter final. He's insanely good that 18 year old. -- PEZ

Yes. Rooney was excellent against Croatia. Let's see what Zlatan can do to top that. --Vic

I know Rooney's catching all the headlines, but i personally think Lampard has been outstanding, as has Gerrard. If Erikkson will come to his senses and play Kieron Dyer on the left (drop Paul Scholes) so we've got some width on both flanks i think we'll be very hard to beat. I've seen each of Portugals games (admittedly i missed the 2nd half against Spain) and they have been less than impressive. Unless Figo suddenly comes to life, i reckon england are a good bet for the semi's... --Brainfade

Eriksson is a very sensible dude I thought. =) Dropping Scholes sounds like something I wouldn't do though. Things get dangerous for the opponents every time he chooses to it seems. Actually I think the whole English team look dangerous. But a guy like Rooney can probably take any of the 16 teams to the final. You seem to have great problems with free-kicks in the neighbourhood of the goal area though. Maybe your goalie isn't made of the same material as the rest of the team... -- PEZ

Go Portugal!!! You own this match. England was just lucky with that goal. -- PEZ

GOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAL !!!!!! :D Looks like some xtra minutes --deathcon

What a match. 2:2 --deathcon

YES, YES, YES, YES!! Portugal really deserved that win! My heart was beating like it was Sweden playing England I tell you. -- PEZ

Wohooo, we did it!! That was some serious suffering. All is well when it ends well. :) -- ABC

Indeed. And it ended well. =) -- PEZ

Indeed, congratulations. I was there screaming at the TV as if it were my team playing England as well. Couldn't have deserved the win more, even if it was barely pulled out of the fire by some goaltender heroics. It seems whoever said the English keeper isn't made of the same stuff as the rest of the English team was probably right, though I'd also say Beckham shoulders a lot of blame, he's under-performed perennially. Portugal dominated the game and earned the 'w', now to see if they get to face the Swedes or the Dutch. Should be good. Tonight's match promises to be less than exciting, though, even with the French defenders all injured out. :( -- Kuuran

I'll be watching tonight game together with a French friend. I bet it'll be fun to watch. Him and the game. =) England is out! Boring football doesn't pay. The traitor Sven Göran Eriksson needn't face a Swedish team this time around either. Good for him. -- PEZ

Congrats, ABC. Portugal definitely deserved to win. --Vic

Not a happy bunny :( --Brainfade

No, I can imagine. I might join your club tonight. Then we can drink whisky to drown our sorrows on our respective sides of the North Sea. =) -- PEZ

Don't you mean tomorrow night? Anyway, one of us is going to join that club then :-/ --Vic

Yes, I meant tomorrow night of course. I'm not that French. =) -- PEZ

Yeah, I look forward to Sweden vs Netherlands as well. Neither is my team, but both are teams I like quite a lot, so I'll be glad to see either result and am pretty happy knowing one will get to the semis. Good luck to you both, Vic and PEZ. :) Tonight I cheer my adopted team of France, but I don't see this being a strong test. -- Kuuran

A stupid circumstance made me miss the game, I get where I'm going, look at the TV, and now I'm just awestruck. I'm kind of mad about missing such a huge upset, but I'm more just shocked and awed (and plain upset). This is the worst thing ever, how could they let Senegal happen again? -- Kuuran

Senegal? The Greeks have a very good team this year. The French doesn't think anything is for real unless it is the final. Fortunately that's not a way that any team so far has gotten away with. -- PEZ]

Senegal beat the French team in the world championchip 2002. And the Greeks did it to. Really impressive. --deathcon

Senegal had a great team 2002. They made it to the quarters then I think or if it was to the semi finals. Beat sweden on their way too. If I remember correctly they celebrated too much too early. Otherwise they might have made it to the final. I think that the problem for the French is that nothing short of a final counts. They probably didn't build up enough adrenaline to make it through to that final. -- PEZ

Ouch. Tough loss. Sweden was the better team, but they were too busy being scared to death of conceding a goal to win the match. Whoever thought it was a good idea to send in a lone striker and no backup confuses me. I also don't imagine Zlatan will sleep well for a few months to come, poor guy. -- Kuuran

What about that lone striker? Is that van Nistelroy? He had pretty good backup didn't he? Dangerous like a rattle snake that dude is. Any team in possesion of such a player can win the cup. The Portuguese seem to lack that kind in the line up. It might decide the semi final. -- PEZ

I meant Sweden, who was throwing Zlatan into the box with barely anyone on the offensive half of the field. -- Kuuran

Well, I didn't notice he was that alone. Besides, the Swedish strategy almost succeeded. They were playing pretty even against what should be a much stronger team. The match could really have ended either way. -- PEZ

Maybe, I just think they didn't commit enough offensive power to ever capitalize, no doubt their defense was excellent. I also don't really think this year's incarnations of the Dutch and Swedes are a mismatch, I'd actually give Sweden the edge in a rematch. About today's match... wow. I didn't think the Czechs could play defensively, they just moved up a notch in my already impressive opinion of them. -- Kuuran

The coaches have to consider their own and their opponents material before coming up with a strategy I think. Then faced with the strong Dutch team with their dangerous midfielders and attackers they seemed to choose to lock the midfield and have good backup for their outer defenders. The Swedes are quick to turn from defense to attack and they tried to utilize that and almost succeeded. Some bad luck was in the way too. But then aiagin some luck ran the Swedes way... The Czechs! Yes they're awesome!! Lured the Danes in to a slow dance in the first half and then just blew them off the field in the second. A master's plan I think. Should have taught the Danes an important lesson of modesty I hope. =) Nedved and Baros is a great pair in the attack. And Nedved is working all over the field, helping out greatly in the defense too. A complete and utterly impressive palyer. -- PEZ

Good luck with the game tonight, ABC! It will be very difficult for the dutch team. De Boer is injured, and he's the only defender who can give accurate long passes directly to the attackers. On the other hand, Overmars will play instead of Van Der Meyden. This is very good. With Overmars and Robben we are very dangerous near the portuguese corner flags. Have a good game! --Vic

Thanks, I'm hoping for another close victory, but it certainly won't be easy... -- ABC

Good luck to you too, btw. Lisbon is full of orange and red+green people today. :) -- ABC

Thanx. I'll enjoy this match for sure! Orange, red and green... a colourful combination :-) --Vic

"Boa sorte, patrícios!". Brazil is 100% with Portugal! -- Axe

Wow. Portugal really can play football! Figo was absolutely great today. Scholari almost blew it towards the end of the match by destroying the nice and safe offensive play. But Holland woke up to late. I'd love to see this Portuguese team win the whole tournament. Then again, I truly like the Czech play too. If the Czechs make it to the final it's going to be the best match so far this century! -- PEZ

Figo was playing poorly earlier, though I suspect everyone had in the back of their minds that if he woke up Portugal could be a force. Figo was sent a message last match when he was pulled and responded. I think Portugal depends too much on him being "on", however. A France-Czech semi would've (in my mind) overshadowed a Czech-Portugal final. -- Kuuran

France? Nah! You can't walk yourself to a final. You've gotta want to play the rest of the matches too. -- PEZ

You can bet France would've come out to play against this Czech team. -- Kuuran

Congrats on going through to the next round! And sorry to PEZ for not representing Sweden all the way to the final. Portugal deserved to win today. Not that we played that bad.. portugal just played better. Especially in the defense. Our defense resembled a swiss...ehm.. gouda cheese at times, where the portuguese defenders gave our forwards a really tough time. Despite our loss, I really enjoyed the match. Hopefully the remaining matches will be on par or even better to watch. --Vic

Hail Portugal! "O Galo canta alto!" Congratulations! -- Axe

Thanks guys, for the first time in history Portugal is in the Euro Cup final, amazing stuff. :) -- ABC

Amazing, the Greeks did it, they beat the Czechs... The final is going to be a re-match of the cup's opening game, Portugal vs Greece. -- ABC

And we all remember who won that one don't we?? :) --Brainfade

Yeah, revenge! =) Let's hope the referee is better in the final than the two semi final referees. They were below the standard of the players I think. -- PEZ

É sempre bom saber que se pode encontrar o nosso idioma em qualquer grande competição. Mas desta vez fiquei surpreso, desde que tive conhecimento do robocode, isto é em 09-04 (lol um pouco tarde), sempre admirei o teu grandioso bot Tron, até achar a bandeira um pouco parecida com o portuguesa, de veras um pouco esquesita LoL?. Vou me iniciar nestes caminhos, espero que não seja tarde. PS: Bolas o teu bot tem me mesmo tramado a vida, não há maneira de o vencer ;) por enquanto, estou a brincar. Sorry people but my english sucks -- NightWolf

Bem vindo, temos brasileiros também aqui... Qualquer cousa, estou a vosso dispor! -- Axe

Bem vindo, nunca é tarde para começar, boa sorte. Talvez seja melhor começares por tentar bater uns adversários mais simples... ;) -- ABC

Olá a todos, é bom poder falar a nossa lingua materna em práticamente todo o lado :D Bem vindo NightWolf a esta coisa viciante e divertida, bem , como o ABC disse, tenta bater uns adversários mais simples primeiro, estilo os Eva, são muito simplistas... mas contra alguns bots avançados conseguem ganhar, como contra as primeiras versoes do Tron, axo que acidentalmente a movimentação do Tron não baralha muito o targeting "brain dead" dos Eva...é claro que os Eva levam pancada forte de quase todo o mundo... enfim.... se queremos fazer algo bom, temos mesmo de ir para tecnicas avançadas e complexas... :D De qualquer forma, ou me meto a brincar com equipas, ou com o semestre a pesar... não sei não... talvez abram o código do robocode, ou lancem o robocode 2! Isso é que era :D m3thos

(Sorry non-portuese speakers, we are only having a friendly inter-continental portuguese chat.)
Salve patrícios! Mando-vos lembranças de além-mar! Conheço os robôs de m3thos de longa data... É realmente uma pena que ele não esteja mais tão ativo quanto antigamente... De qualquer jeito, "Uma jornada de mil passos começa com o primeiro...". Não esmoreçam, pois embora a competição pareça árdua (e de fato é...), é exatamente isto o que a torna interessante. ABC está repleto de razão quanto ao fato de rcomendar tentar primeiro bater adversários mais simples, tentar ir de encontro ao Shadow não é uma boa idea, mas ver o resultado de vossos esforços progredirem passo a passo dentro do RoboRumble pode ser deveras gratificante... De fato, sinto saudades dos tempos de meu primeiro bot (HataMoto?). Nada mais gratificante que ver os frutos de vossos esforços progredirem a saltos largos, isto eu garanto! O RoboWiki é uma idéia absolutamente fantástica (fruto dos esforços de toda a comunidade de RoboCoders...). A idéia parte do princípio que o conhecimento deve ser compartilhado, e garanto-vos que todo e qualquer pedido de ajuda será prontamente atendido. Devemos, contudo, tentar dentro do possível manter a conversação na lingua padrão do RoboWiki que é o inglês, o próprio ABC puxou-me as orelhas quanto a este fato (vejam no início desta página): "Temos sempre o inglês para não deixar o resto do pessoal às aranhas...". Abraços. -- Axe

ABC, what about putting some info at ContactInfo page? That way we can reach u without having to dethrone your bot :) (Thats a hard way to contact u!) -- Axe

Boas tb sou pt e ja conheço o robocode a 5 anos(alias foi com o robocode k aprendi a programar...) mas deixei de pegar nisso durante 4:P ou seja... nao fiz nada de jeito... tou agr a voltar a pegar nisto com mais esperiencia e vou tentar fzer cenas de jeito... ja criei 1 bot da classe micro com antigravidade nas paredes e linear targeting... bem espero continuar a avançar Abraços -- winamp32

Boas, é bom saber que há mais tugas interessados no robocode. Antigravidade é um bom início, aliás, todos os bons bots de melee utilizam-na. Não desistas, os conceitos mais avançados (guessfactor targeting/surfing) parecem complicados ao princípio, mas não o são. Boa sorte. -- ABC

By the way, I don't personally have Tetris DS, but yes it is out here ;) Metroid is great. It took my mind completely off of Robocode for several days, which is quite a feat! Any idea when it's coming out there? Let me know if/when you get it, I'd definitely be interested in playing. I've also got Mario Kart DS... Anyway, hope you keep working on Shadow; Dookious has actually been beating it on occasion lately, so it must be time for you to update it =) -- Voidious

I think Metroid comes out in May over here, I'll be sure to let you know after I get some practice. About MKDS, I played it non stop for a long time, got 3 stars on all the races, beat most of the staff ghosts, finished all missions, and stopped playing online because it became too easy to win ;). I'm currently rewriting Shadow's basic classes, inspired by your dedication and attention to detail. I'm thinking about releasing it as opensource if I manage to tweak it to 3.66's performance. -- ABC

Hey ABC, I know it might be a pain in the butt, but if you had some spare time (yeah right ;)), it would be cool if you could skim over that WaveSurfing Tutorial that I posted to see if I have anything wrong in the nitty gritty details of surfing. It's all based on the way I do things in Dookious, and I'm confident all of it's right - but I was confident my code was right before the last time I found a bug in my surfing, too =) (I kinda consider you the master of these details, based on various discussions on this wiki.) If you don't feel like it or don't have time, no worries. -- Voidious

The thing is, I'm not very good at reading other people's code... Anyway, from your explaining text it looks to me like it's all correct, and I can't find anything wrong with the code either. Imho, It's a great tutorial, clean and well explained code. -- ABC

Great, thanks a lot for taking a look. -- Voidious

By the way, did you get Metroid Prime Hunters yet? =) It looks like it came out May 5th in Europe. I just recently started playing again, good stuff! That Smash Bros Brawl video ([link]) is exciting, too. -- Voidious

Yes, I got it last week, but I haven't had the time to explore it enough. Tetris (bought it the same day) is much better for short playing sessions. I've seen that video, great stuff, as a Nintendo fan I know I'll buy a Wii the day it comes out over here... ;) -- ABC

You still planning to get a Wii? =) I picked one up on Sunday. I had high expectations and it has definitely lived up to them. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Excite Truck were the games we picked up, both of which are a ton of fun. The controller is as awesome as I'd hoped, even for a pretty traditional game like Ultimate Alliance. Even 2 weeks after launch, we had to go to a store at 7:15 am on the day of shipments and we were 24th in line for 42 consoles. Crazy! Good luck getting one, hopefully you'll have an easier time (yeah right =)) -- Voidious

I sure am! Got mine pre-ordered for weeks now, just one day left, can't wait. I'm getting Zelda and Wii Play (for the extra remote). Together with the bundled Wii Sports should occupy me for some time. After that I'll start looking for other games, I'm hoping for some great original titles, the new control method should put the developers imagination working overtime. :) -- ABC

Awesome, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have been! I surely would have bought Wii Play / extra remote, but it's not out over here yet. Got Madden '07 on Wednesday ("American" football) and it is great, too. Perhaps the Wii will hold your attention strongly enough that the PremierLeague will be mine for a little while... =) -- Voidious

It's a great little machine, I love it. I've been playing Wii Sports Tennis all day, it's addicting. Coudn't find an extra controller to play multiplayer with my wife, a boxing fight should be a great laugh. :)

Good to see you active again. =) (Not that I am, really, besides wiki discussion.) Shouldn't you be off playing the recently released Smash Bros, though? =) -- Voidious

I'm not sure I'm really active again, just finally decided to do some small changes I had in the back of my head. I didn't buy Smash Bros yet, never really got into the Gamecube one, and I have too many games and too litle time right now. I've been playing some Metroid Prime 3 and Mario Kart. And I got a DOS emulator to play x-com ufo on the PC, still an amazing game after all these years. -- ABC

Heh, I get motion sickness from playing Mario Kart style games =). I'll stick to coding and real go-kart driving for now ;-) -- Skilgannon

Heh, I was just playing Mario Kart myself... I find it to be... frustrating... =) Of course, so is Robocode at times :D -- Rednaxela

Motion sickness from Mario Kart? What about first person games on a pc, can you even look at someone playing them? Anyway, you are missing a fun driving game. It's frustrating until you realise that the chaos is part of the fun, and at its core is still a precision arcade racer like the first one. -- ABC

No, its just some driving games that do it. I think it has something to do with the lack of inirtia of the 'camera' on these bumper-car style games. Funnily, a lot of the PS2/xBox racing games are fine (GT comes to mind). I don't get seasick at all, and I can handle FPS games just fine =) -- Skilgannon

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