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Im german, 18 years old and i am programming since im 12, normaly i programm c++.
I participate in a real robot competition named [roboking].

My Bots:

Comments and Chat:

Yayyy! Welcome. Always cool to see new robocoders who sets out to beat the best. Hope you'll find the wiki useful in that quest. -- PEZ nowiki Of course the wiki is useful, i would never be able to catch up without the wiki :) Big thanks for hosting it!!!! -- Krabb

If your really want to enter the competition, you have to sign up on the RoboRumble/Participants page. Welcome by the way, it is always nice to see someone starting with the basics without the 'heavy' stuff, but with the intention to reach the top! -- GrubbmGait

Thank you for the hint GrubbmGait! My robot had a good start :) And version 1.1 will bee much better!! Some times it even beats your GrubbmGrb -_- --Krabb

Your first entry is much, much better than my first entry (see GrubbmGait page) and if you get your CT-gun to work properly, there is quite a boost possible and a ranking of 1600 is in sight! As for multiple versions of the same bot, it is not common practice and discouraged. It is still possible to query the old versions by editing the url (and even compare the current and an old version). Also it is possible on the RobocodeRepository to 'update' your bot by selecting Save & upload on the Bots: detail page. Then you keep the same repository-id for your bot. -- GrubbmGait

Thanks, iŽll do it like that. The CT-gun is now fixed and Krabby has a new movement, which is realy simple, but succsessful against many Bots: Now i beat GrubbmGait :) --Krabb

A lot of my angstgegners are nanos which do have simple but hard to hit movement, like NanoAndrew, Infinity and DoctorBob. As for beating GrubbmGrb, lets race for top-100 position ;-) -- GrubbmGait

OK, let the race begin! You have a headstart, but i have holidays :) So i have much time to do robocoding. And i beat all your ''Angstgegner" with 8:2! I think no nano Bot has a gun to beat my movement, but the top Bots... :( --Krabb

The top NanoBots or the top Bots? ;-) FunkyChicken's gun is quite good for its size. -- Kawigi

If it somehow happens that I'll get my OceansOfSpareTime before you reach top100 I could race with you ;) --lRem

@Kawigi: I meant every top bot if it is an Nano or not. I thougt it would not be possible to get PatternMatching into an NanoBot... So there are a few Nano Bots which beat Krabby.
@lRem: You are welcome! And if you get your OceansOfSpareTime to late you can enter the next round(top-50)! --Krabb

Ah, there's at least half a dozen nanos with PatternMatching crammed in, usually at the expense of wall avoidance. Most are probably modeled after NanoLauLectrik or FunkyChicken (which is loosely based on NanoLauLectrik, except that it actually projects the pattern out), except for Kakuru. -- Kawigi

Slartibartfass... must be a HHGTTG fan? -- AaronKrill

All my bots are named after friends i met at the Internet, one of them has the alias Slartibartfass. And this dude toled me about HHGTTG, and now i am a HHGTTG fan too :P --Krabb

Congratulations on re-entering the top-100! -- GrubbmGait

I dont know where to post this, but i get two onHitRobot? events per tick, when I get rammed by a enemy (for example sample.RamFire). Is it normal? --Krabb

Unless I am mistaken, you are the author of Krabby2 1.9k? Any idea what kind of hit ratio Krabby2 has on an average wave surfer? I'm working on my movement strategy, and Krabby2 is one of the robots I test against. I'd like to know what hit ratio Krabby gets on an average wave surfer so I know how much my movement still sucks. :-P

I don't have the source code of 1.9k... But 19.o is really similar to 1.9k. I run a few Battles:

hit ratio in 35 Round Battles:

vs shadow 3.66c:
12.146118721461187% (Krabby won :D)
12.786596119929452% (won again!)

vs. Komarious 1.56:
12.71860095389507% (Krabby won)
12.480252764612953% (won again :/)

vs. SandboxDT 3.02:

You can get the modified version of Krabby2 1.9o which prints its hit ratio: http://designnj.de/roboking/Krabb.krabby2.Krabby2_1.9o2.jar


Hey Krabb i was just wondering how the plugin your making for Yoda's beta-testing stage is comming along or if you needed any infomation, my project is due on June 1st, so i need what ever you've made a bit before then, you dont have to get very advanced with it, i mainly need feedback about the plugin-system. Thanks -- Gorded

OK, I have to finish a speach for tomorrow (Damn last school days). I'm currently quite busy, but it's done tomorrow. I must admit that i haven't done anything jet. I should be able to finish a first version on friday, before my journey to a volleyball tourney begins. But i have splenty of time on Sunday and the following days! --Krabb

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