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DoBoh is my 1on1/meele Droid.

What's special about it?
Itīs a Droid.

Great, I want to try it. Where can I download it?

How does it move?
It moves perpendicular to the Enemy or to places, where it has a low hit rate.

How does it fire?

What does it save between rounds and matches?
Some enemy movement statistics between matches.

Preventing unknown thread Application Thread from access: (java.io.FilePermission ./Krabb.doboh.DoBoh_1.0.jar read)
And what kind of top feature is this? ;) --lRem

Maybe related to the [JRE_1.4.2_SecurityException_Bug] -- Dummy

When do you get this error? Edit: i think it is not the [JRE_1.4.2_SecurityException_Bug], because i do not read any data --Krabb

Wow, this guy is nasty for a Droid. I thought I was doing well after taking out some of my other competition, but now I have my work cut out got me. -- Jokester

The new version is released!

1st: Krabb.doboh.DoBoh	        49545  	22150  	4430  	14634  	1848  	6066  	415     481   	127
2nd: pez.femto.DroidPoet 2.0	21784  	6350  	1270  	9606  	835  	3375    347     163   	443

On the Repository, it says that DoBoh has a hot gun, but I don't think that's completely accurate ;-) -- Kawigi

It aims like a hot gun, but when the last "scan" is to old the gun rotates to get a new one, you mean that? --Krabb

Shooting at the point close to a point where a robot was once isn't really head on - I think we need a new name for this searching type of targeting that seems to be the most obvious blind targeting algorithm ;-) Maybe SearchAndDestroyTargeting? or something. -- Kawigi

What about LKP- (LastKnownPosition?) or LEP- (LastEstimatedPosition?) Targeting. HOT is just a special case then, namely that the timestamp of the LKP/LEP is the current time. -- GrubbmGait

How about DelayedHOT? -- Dummy

I would vote for LKP --Krabb

Where does the name 'DoBoh' come from? It reminds me of the sound that the main character in the game "Goblins 3" makes when something goes wrong. -- Dummy

Like all of my bots DoBoh is named after a friend. So I could not tell you anything about the name :) --Krabb

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