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Slartibartfass is a melee, 1on1 and team (TeamSliNk) bot. Up to now it is tuned for team battles.

Great, I want to try it. Where can I download it?
http://designnj.de/robocode/Krabb.sliNk.Slartibartfass_X.X.jar (paste version number for X.X)

How does it move?
It does some kind of MinimumRiskMovement to dodge Bullets.

How does it fire?
It fires with a Simple GuessFactorGun.

How does it dodge bullets?

How does the melee strategy differ from one-on-one strategy?
Up to now the 1on1, melee and team strategy is the same.

Can I use your code?
Yes, it's released under the RWPCL.

What other robot(s) is it based on?
On some earlier versions of TeamSliNk, which are not released.


Version 1on1 rank 1on1 raiting melee rank melee raiting comment
0.1 ~362 1386. ~137 1458 slow
0.4 174 1643 59 1606.0 basic movement, not tuned for 1on1 and melee
0.5 115 1730.05 60 1611.77 added simple GuessFactorGun

Deleted the sourcecode accidentally => end of development ;( --Krabb

Ouch. Did you happen to include the code in any versions of your bots? -- Martin

No, that is the problem. I installed a new robocode version and eclipse, one of them cleared my whole robot directory including the backup :/ --Krabb

Eclipse is definitely to blame. I have had it do the same thing to me on more than one occasion (which is why I don't use it anymore). I always try to back my code up to a cd, it doesn't take long and it's really worth it when something like that happens. Sorry about your code, man. --wcsv

I have had that happen (though I make a backup every version) in the past, but it never happens now for me, nor do I wipe out the jars of other robots in the /robots folder. I made a /development folder under /robocode and tell robocode to look there (development options). Then I have Elcipse do all builds to that folder. Whenever I do a Clean it just wipes that folder and never touches the source code. It has the side effect of never accidentally including source code while packaging my robot for the rumble .. there is no source code in the directory to bundle. -- Martin

You could decompile your bot to get a general idea of what you did. --Chase-san

That really really sucks, but rewriting it might actually help you improve... you can probably write better code now that you're more familiar with robocode. I use Ant to package up the full source tree every time I release and also keep a CVS tree... you might consider doing one of those to help prevent future mishaps. --David Alves

Yes, I seized the chance :) I'm writing a new bot. But Slarti wasn't that old and the code was not that bad, especially the team kommunication and movement. I first stopped to do robocoding, but its addictive... the new bot looks promising! --Krabb

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