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Akim is my first melee bot.

The Bot:

Great, I want to try it. Where can I download it?

How does it move?
It has an AntiGravityMovement with random velocity.

How does it fire?


V. 1.0:
rank:85 raiting: 1559.02 date: xx.xx.2005
-HOT Gun

V. 1.1:
rank:~85 raiting: 1563.12 date: xx.xx.2005
-AntiGravityMovement with random velocity

V. 1.11:
rank:86 raiting: 1557.54 date: 07.07.2005
-Advanced TargetSelection?

V. 1.12:
rank:92 raiting: 1550.55 date: 08.07.2005
-Fixed a bug in the TargetSelection? system
-Removed random velocity

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