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Gruweltje is the little brother of Gruwel, it was not planned, but sometimes those things happen. Have you seen the movie 'Twins'? Gruwel is twice as big, but both are mean little bullys. Compared to its bigger brother the wall-avoidance is replaced by simple wall-bouncing, leaving its movement a bare double oscillator. Further the mini-style meleeradar is replaced by a nano-style meleeradar (as explained by Kawigi on the MeleeStrategy/UnderstandingCoriantumr page), it is less picky about its opponents and it does not bounce when hitting another bot. The gun is my 'standard' iterative CT-gun with one minor line removed for codesize reasons.

Revision History


 20050612: v 0.6 -- Yet another failed attempt to improve the melee performance.
 Rank Mega :181  --  Rating:1621  --  PL:174
 Rank Mini : 70  --  Rating:1672  --  PL:72
 Rank Micro: 37  --  Rating:1688  --  PL:35
 Rank MegaMelee? :52  --  Rating:1637
 Rank MiniMelee? :18  --  Rating:1670
 Rank MicroMelee?:9  --  Rating:1703
 Comment: Due to the increase of 'real' meleebots, Gruweltje can not hold its position anymore.

 20050612: v 0.5 -- Yet another attempt to combine meleepower of 0.2 with OneOnOne-power of 0.3.
 Rank Mega :164  --  Rating:1617  --  PL:154
 Rank Mini : 65  --  Rating:1668  --  PL:65
 Rank Micro: 38  --  Rating:1684  --  PL:38
 Rank MegaMelee? :39  --  Rating:1637
 Rank MiniMelee? :14  --  Rating:1670
 Rank MicroMelee?:7  --  Rating:1707
 Comment: Unless I get new ideas, this version is as good as it gets.

 20050605: v 0.4 -- Squeezed code, keep current enemy when another dies (in melee).
 Comment: Failed attempt, no real melee improvement

 20050604: v 0.3 -- Squeezed code, less predictive wallbounce, less stuck in corners.
 Rank Mega :160  --  Rating:1618  --  PL:152
 Rank Mini : 64  --  Rating:1670  --  PL: 69
 Rank Micro: 36  --  Rating:1692  --  PL: 41
 Rank MegaMelee? :49  --  Rating:1626
 Rank MiniMelee? :20  --  Rating:1663
 Rank MicroMelee?:12  --  Rating:1687
 Comment: Nice one-on-one improvement, but ruined melee-performance

 20050412: v 0.2 -- Replaced radar by nano-style meleeradar, improved first targetselection, added simple wallbounce.
 Rank Mega :179  --  Rating:1590  --  PL:177
 Rank Mini : 75  --  Rating:1645  --  PL: 74
 Rank Micro: 42  --  Rating:1670  --  PL: 42
 Rank MegaMelee? :36  --  Rating:1653
 Rank MiniMelee? :13  --  Rating:1693
 Rank MicroMelee?: 7  --  Rating:1716
 Comment: . . . and the ripples become bigger . . . 

 20050405: v 0.1 -- Removing wall-avoidance and some other stuff of Gruwel results in a half-sized bot.
 Rank Mega :193  --  Rating:1575  --  PL:191
 Rank Mini : 79  --  Rating:1636  --  PL: 84
 Rank Micro: 43  --  Rating:1660  --  PL: 46
 Rank MegaMelee? :35  --  Rating:1663
 Rank MiniMelee? :12  --  Rating:1712
 Rank MicroMelee?: 6  --  Rating:1733
 Comment: Generating some ripples in the micro-melee pond.

Great, I want to try it. Where can I download it?

gh.micro.Gruweltje: http://www.robocoderepository.com/BotDetail.jsp?id=2517

How competitive is it?

In one-on-one anonymously just above 1600, in micro-melee a top-8 bot.

How does it move?

Perpendicular oscillator movement with simple wall-bouncing. Due to the meleeradar is not purely perpendicular so it is a bit unpredictable.

How does it fire?

Iterative circular gun with bulletpower adaption against 'wallshots'.

How does it dodge bullets?


How does the melee strategy differ from one-on-one strategy?

No difference and this is on purpose. With a continuus radarlock the one-on-one performance is approx 15 point lower.

How does it select a target to attack/avoid in melee?

Closest with a small preference for current target.

What does it save between rounds and matches?


Where did you get the name?

It is the little brother of Gruwel.

Can I use your code?

It's in the jar, under the RWPCL.

What's next for your robot?

Probably nothing.

Does it have any WhiteWhales?


What other robot(s) is it based on?

Like its bigger brother it is a result of a GrubbmGroup party.

Comments, questions, feedback:

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