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As of today (Sep. 5 2006) I've been completely hooked on Robocode for a month or two. So far my bots have not made a public appearance ...

As of today (Jan. 29 2007) I am again hooked. I took a hietus in the middle there, but I have now released 4 bots:

(Later edits):

Main author of RoboResearch

See also /PMResearch, /DCResearch /DCGTResearch


(As you can see, I aim high)

Current goals / projects / to-do thingies:

Accomplished (and noteworthy) goals:

Far-out goals:

Here is a fun mod for roboleague for tuning your bot's parameters: /RoboleagueScripting
Here is another fun one for seeing overall averages across seasons in a division: /RoboleagueSeasonAverages
Here in another one to sort the groupings in results files: /RoboleagueGroupingsSorting

Welcome =) As you may have noticed, there is a wealth of information at this site, and in general people are pretty good about answering questions. Some of us use IM, too, which info you could find on the ContactInfo page. Best of luck with your tanks! -- Voidious

Oh, if you set your name in "Preferences", it will show up as your name on the Changes page. -- Voidious

Welcome to the wiki! I am looking forward to your first entry. Some people start with entering their first bot (I did), others wait till they can really put up a fight. It seems you are one of the latter. Success! -- GrubbmGait

:) Thank you both! Grub, you are absolutely right. Currently I'm tweaking my first competitive gun (according to the TC2K6, anyway), which looks like I must be getting surprising results (not because of stats, but because of its style). As for movement, I haven't done much there. My idea would also be a surprising result if it works, though! Voidious, thanks for the tips. If I had internet at home, I would try IMing some of you.

I'm sorry to hear that you're leaving us, but as I think back to my many late nights spent Robocoding, I understand your motive =) Still, hopefully you will come back and try to keep the Robo-addiction under control sometime. It's always cool to get new people in the community, especially those with fresh ideas and the will to discuss them. Cheers, -- Voidious

Aww what? You're gonna leave us before you release a bot? Well, come on back when you get things under control. As for the laptop: trade you access to Phoenix CVS for it? =) --David Alves

Ha! Well, the cold hard cash I've been offered so far sounds a bit more appealing :). -- Simonton

Nobody can stay away from the Robocode addiction for very long... =) -- Voidious

:) Don't say that! I still plan to stay away ....... --Simonton

Hey man, glad to see you haven't totally disappeared on us... I just wanted to mention that there's "kinda sorta" a rule about having multiple versions of the same tank in the rumble. People do it on a temporary basis fairly often, and that's fine, but as far as long term entries, you really should only have one version of each tank in the rumble. (There's an old conversation on the RoboRumble/ParticipantsChat page, and elsewhere on the wiki, on the subject.) Anyway, best of luck with your Obsession... -- Voidious

No problem. I was already planning to remove the worst performers. --Simonton

Hey Simonton! Just to mention that I'm having problems with your bot WeeklongObsession 1.1 and my RoboRumble client. Details:

Fighting battle 0 ... timmit.nano.TimDog 0.33,simonton.micro.WeeklongObsession 1
RESULT = timmit.nano.TimDog 0.33 wins 2100 to 0
Fighting battle 1 ... gimp.GimpBot 0.1,simonton.micro.WeeklongObsession 1.1
RESULT = gimp.GimpBot 0.1 wins 2100 to 0
Fighting battle 2 ... florent.small.LittleAngel 1.8,simonton.micro.WeeklongObses
sion 1.1
RESULT = florent.small.LittleAngel 1.8 wins 2101 to 0
Fighting battle 3 ... rz.SmallDevil 1.502,simonton.micro.WeeklongObsession 1.1
RESULT = rz.SmallDevil 1.502 wins 2100 to 0
Fighting battle 4 ... ratosh.Wesco 1.4,simonton.micro.WeeklongObsession 1.1
RESULT = ratosh.Wesco 1.4 wins 2100 to 0
Fighting battle 5 ... whind.Constitution 0.7.1,simonton.micro.WeeklongObsession
RESULT = whind.Constitution 0.7.1 wins 2100 to 0
Fighting battle 6 ... simonton.micro.WeeklongObsession 1.1,caimano.Furia_Ceca 0.
RESULT = caimano.Furia_Ceca 0.22 wins 2100 to 0
Fighting battle 9 ... simonton.micro.WeeklongObsession 1.1,jam.RaikoMX 0.32
RESULT = jam.RaikoMX 0.32 wins 2101 to 0
Uloading results ...
Yes, I have the CannonCaches? argument, but it's still not working. Happy New Year, btw! --Nfwu


Oh - that should be solved by updating your version of the robocode jar your robo-rumble uses, right? I'm surprised this hasn't already come up?? -- Simonton

We generally try not to use the very latest versions of Robocode in our RoboRumble clients, just in case there are issues (as there sometimes are). I'm using 1.1.3 and having this same problem with your bot, too. Anyone know what the oldest version with the Rules class is? -- Voidious

That's ok, I'm about to upload a new version that has some codesize to spare. I'll get right on it. -- Simonton

I might have to take a closer look at your pattern matcher. Mine stink, yours seems to be comperable to a gf gun. --Chase-san

You should take a look at Kev's. His is the best. You can see in the TargetingChallenge2K6 his bot stomping on PatternBed?, which uses the pattern matching described here. BUT, you are certainly welcome to! If you do, just send me your questions! -- Simonton

Are you going to answer my e-mail? or was it lost in transit? that happens sometimes ;) --Chase-san

Oops! Nope, not lost in transit, just collecting dust in the inbox. -- Simonton

So after you gain mini 2100 are you gonna go for micro 2000 or perhaps the full 2100? --Chase-san

I know it's still a little up in the air, but I think you probably still have the MiniBot throne. =) And I agree about DynamicClustering having potential to surpass VisitCountStats - that's definitely on my list to explore again when I get some serious Robocode motivation back. I look forward to seeing what you come up with there. -- Voidious

SimontiusClay? must have a monster gun dude. Good work! -- PEZ

I would like all to know that today (Nov. 4th) is my birthday! -- Simonton

out.println("Happy birthday, 生日快樂 " + "(i had to put together words from pieces of translations of phrases (to many of's!) from babelfish, since i'm to lazy to type the chinese :))" + "!!!");

out.println("From http://primes.utm.edu/curios/page.php?short=114 : "); //11 4 is your birthday

out.println("The first <b>114</b> digits after the decimal point in e = 2.718... form a prime.");

out.println("[ <b>114</b> is the] Biggest difference of two consecutive six digit primes (492113 and 492227).");

// --Starrynte, i tested the above code in robocode and it works :)

Just wanted to pop in & say hi, and that I still think about you guys from time to time. And also - what the heck happened in the nano league?!?! -- Simonton

Hey long time no see =) About the nano league... well... there was a recent rumble crash. I dunno what's going on. -- Skilgannon

Hi there Simonton, I think about you too everytime I check which bots are messing with my PL ranking. LifelongObsession is a big headache for Shadow... :) -- ABC

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