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Hey, I started robocoding around autumn 2006 (implied from the earliest 'lastmodified' date in my bots...), when I read about it in a java book. And as you can see, alot of my bots are just 'slightly modified' versions of bots... Note: I am NOT an expert at NanoCode.


Calculator - Slightly modified version of BasicSurfer
ControlledChaos? - Randomly moves in a direction each tick - not very good movement...
[[Evader] - StopAndGo movement
CopyCat? - name self-explained, CoordinateMirrorMovement
Pantomime - ditto, except it's AngularMirrorMovement
Smash - SlowBot, kinda a combo of HawkOnFire and Coriantumr, with some things that make it slow added...
Laser - GuessFactorTargeting

Planned robots: A MultiMode robot... A melee bot...that's not slow...oh wait I have one from months ago that was incomplete... A super 1v1 bot...

Srri I've been inactive for awhile, I probably will for a little more while, like Simonton did XD. of course this is referring to the WIKI, not to robocode itself XD --Starrynte
Today/yesterday night I witnessed my first wildfire seen in real life :) it's 5 miles north of us though, nothing serious, as the weather will cool down dramatically tomorrow. --Starrynte

Ahh, interesting! Hmm, perhaps "Wildfire" would be a stylish bot name too. ;) -- Rednaxela

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