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Real Name: Nathaniel
Location: Texas
Age: 22

I've actually been robocoding for years but have never, until just recently, produced a bot that was worth even mentioning. I am by no means an expert and have actually learned quite slowly. My codeing skills are nominal and this stuff confuses the heck out of me to be honest. However, it's also addictively fun.

I'm most proud of my StasticalSymbolicPatternMatching. It's a fairly complex PatternMatcher that is somewhat related to SingleTick PatternMatching. Of everything I've coded into my bots, this seems to be the most effective... pretty much everything else is broken.

My Bot(s):


Comments / Suggestions:

Try editing it all at once, or use the preview button. --Chase-san

Sorry, still trying to figure all this out. Noticed a few mistakes and typos after I submitted it too. No matter how many times I read and reread, there's always something. Also, my computer seems to enjoy random restarts so if I don't save it often, I'll loose it. In any case, I'll try to keep the edits to a minimum. --Ne

Please and thankyou, though while most might not display all the edits, I do, so I am all seeing... just not all knowing. :P --Chase-san

I certainly don't mind you making lots of edits (I display them all too), but I definitely like it when people fill in that summary field. =) Anyway, welcome to the wiki! -- Voidious

Thanks! ^_^, I've actually been lurking around for a good long while... probably the past couple of years. However, I didn't have a bot that wasn't a complete embarrassment until now. That being said, I probably could have developed Chimera a ton faster had I actually asked for advice. Ne

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