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Grinnik is a pure OneOnOne bot with a micro GF-gun and StopNGo and oscillator movement. It is the successor of Gruweltje that still did reasonable for a meleebot.

Revision History

What's special about it?

It does have some rudimentary distance-dependent dive-in protection.

Great, I want to try it. Where can I download it?

gh.micro.Grinnik: http://www.robocoderepository.com/BotDetail.jsp?id=3208

How competitive is it?

It is better than Gruweltje, now it is even third with a ranking of 1900.

How does it move?

It starts with StopAndGo, but when it gets killed it switches to a double oscillator movement.
It tries to stay at a preferred distance and features a rudimentary distance-dependent dive-in protection.

How does it fire?

standard micro GuessFactorTargeting gun (a la Aristocles), segmented on acceleration, velocity and distance.

What does it save between rounds and matches?

Between rounds the movement mode and the GuessFactor data.
Between matches a microbot can not save data if it also has to move and fire.

Where did you get the name?

Grinnik is something between smiling and laughing out loud. Just watch it and you'll see what I mean ;-). Ofcourse it also starts with 'GR' like all my bots.

Can I use your code?

It's in the jar, under the RWPCL.

What's next for your robot?

Does it have any WhiteWhales?

No, beating others is not important, ranking higher is.

What other robot(s) is it based on?

The MicroWave? and wallsmoothing is based upon Aristocles. Although the gun is taken from GresSuffurd and the movement from Gruweltje, it can hardly be recognized as such due to the measures to make it fit in a micro.
The StopAndGo movement of 0.4 and up behaves much more like Ares than GrubbmGrb due to codesize.

Comments, questions, feedback:

Hoped for rank 5, got rank 3, an unexpected but very satisfying result. It even outranks my best mini, although Gruwel is more focussed on melee. -- GrubbmGait

It looks to me like Grinnik learns really slowly...<checks source code> no wonder, you aren't adding a wave every tick. It shouldn't make you lose points, because MicroBots don't generally react to EnemyFire?. -- Skilgannon

I thought that a lot of micro's and nano's were using some kind of oscillator based on enemy energy. I think I will try it out though, together with a small movement-adaption, so be warned: I might get second in micro instead of you! -- GrubbmGait

I accidently broke Decado's StopAndGo last release (only moving 40 instead of 48), and comparing with my last version I see I lost a lot of points against HOT and LT/CT bots. I've also fixed my wall bouncing, and it compiles to 749 exactly. So we'll see who beats RaikoMicro first ;-) -- Skilgannon

Version 0.7 is no improvement, either the accell/decell has more importance than I thought, or the distance and velocity segments have much less importance than I thought. Let's chase Jen and RaikoMicro, as Skilgannon's bots are out of reach by now. -- GrubbmGait

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