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Some hints about what to pay attention to when making small robots would be appreciated. -- PEZ

Measure your bot's CodeSize with Christian Schnell's codesize tool http://user.cs.tu-berlin.de/~lulli/codesize/

Some general hints for making Micro and Mini bots.

Some tricks to make your bot smaller.

 if (condition) a = b; else a = c; <- Is bigger
 a = c; if (condition) a = b; <- Is smaller

 a = b; c = 2 * a; <- Is bigger
 c = 2 * (a=b); <- Is smaller


[Jax] might be able to reduce your size even more. I'm not into mini/micro/nano bots myself and didn't test it, but maybe some of you guys want to try it ... -- FnH

If you're coding i MiniBot then I think your best bet is to keep your code clear and understandable. It doesn't really cost that many bytes, but it can gain you bytes because you see better ways to do things. The same things might not be true for micros and certainly not nanos. But in a mini you can afford some overhead and you might have good use for it. It's not true that you can't fit multiple guns and/or movements in a mini. Look at VertiLeach which has two movements and a killer gun to go with them. -- PEZ

Not just minis, nanos have been made with multiple movements and micros with multiple guns. -- Kuuran

With the size that bots are getting (I mean thier getting HUGE), perhaps we should have a even bigger category for them, such that place a upper limit (myself I think about 4500 to 6000 codesize(but i'm not sure of the size of the largest bots)) on what a Megabot is and make a new category (gigabot, superbot, terabot, exabot). But then again these just might be the categories for historical reasons, i'm not sure (but its not like i'm proposing to change the existing ones). -- Chase-san

I agree with Kuuran. The nano version of Squirrel has 2 movements (one anti-HOT and one anti-LT/CT) and 2 guns (LT and Random). --Bayen

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