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The robot you go up against if you enter iiley's RandomMovementChallenge.

For now, Vic's EnderPMC provides the reference PatternMatching gun you run against.

PatternMatcherBot 1.2 has just been uploaded on the repository. This version fixes the bug described before. Thanx go out to Loic Midy and iiley for their assistance. -- Vic

PatternMatcherBot 1.3 has just been uploaded on the repository. Thanx to iiley, PEZ, Loki and Loic Midy for testing -- Vic
I just found that this bot has a bug. In one of the rounds it never started to shoot. Just that round, the next round it was firing again. The debug window didn't show anything unusal. -- PEZ

I am aware of a small problem in it's Radar code (sometimes it initially fails to lock on to the enemy) that is caused by the fact that it does not move .. It did not in any way affect the index, but if it loses rounds because of this then I should fix it.. -- Vic

As long as the challenger doesn't hit walls these rounds end in a tie i guess. -- PEZ

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