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My entry for the PatternMatcherChallenge.

Is basically Ender with no movement, Pattern Matcher gun only and 0.5 power bullets.


Here's the GL version of EnderPMC in action:

Great work with the high PMC index and completing the challenge! -- PEZ

I should listen better to you guys :-) Just solved a nagging bug. It turned out that the conversion from target point to gunbearing was not completely accurate. As it turns out, the answer was on my own TrigChallenges page where an unknown trig wizard posted an alternative to my calculation (calculation #5). Thanx ... whoever you are ...:-) I'll clean up that page soon ... it got a bit messy over time ... -- Vic

I'm happy to report that all but one (the challenge specific initial damage code) improvements from EnderPMC 1.1 to EnderPMC 1.3 are generic. That means that my MegaBotEnder will benefit greatly from the improvements made during the PatternMatcherChallenge. For now EnderPMC 1.3 will be the last version. I will concentrate my efforts on Ender's movement now. This challenge has convinced me that Ender has a good gun and that its weakness must therefore be its movement. -- Vic

Vic, I have just uploaded a bot http://robocoderepository.com/Controller.jsp?submitAction=downloadClass&id=1567 with completely deterministic behaviour that wins 99 vs 1 against EnderPMC. Maybe an idea as a sequal to the PatternMatcherChallenge now that most bots (except mine) have completed the challenge? --Loki

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